Since March 2020, we’ve all probably been spending more time in our four walls than ever before. All of this has led most of the people to the same Google search: ‘How to rent a vacation home“Just to get a change of scenery!

There’s nothing like the kids’ online schoolwork, constant zoom meetings, and family gatherings all under one roof so you’re ready to pack for the vacation. And yet it is not exactly far-fetched to dream of your own paradise.

Renting a vacation home is a great way to create new memories, relax, and finally breathe out. However, before you book a vacation home for your family, let us know what it means to rent a vacation home.

Holiday home with a viewHoliday home with a view

Reasons why you should rent a vacation home

When you desperately need a well-deserved break, there is no better time than now to start your vacation rental search. Your personal little „temporary home” will quickly prove to be your favorite pastime.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should rent a vacation home:

A quick burst of energy

Did you know that there are numerous health benefits to going on vacation? It is shown to not only help reduce stress but also improve your cardiovascular health. Renting a home is the perfect way to recharge your mind and body.

Even if you still bring your work and the kids’ online training with you, the new environment will give you the boost of energy you have been looking for!

There are many opportunities

New apartments are being offered for vacation rental every day – and the prices are competitive too!

So, Take advantage of the many offers that are available to you.

Whether you’re renting a home on an idyllic beach, looking for a vacation in the mountains, or an adventure in the city, the options are endless!

Vacation planning becomes easier

One of the most important advantages of renting a vacation home is the reassurance that you have pre-booked and ready for your vacation. That means you now have more time to work on your itinerary and research the local attractions.

Essentially, once the hassle of finding and securing a spot is over, you’ll have more time to focus on the more fun details of your trip.

Two questions to ask yourself before renting a home

Before we dive into the ins and outs of renting, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions before looking for your dream location.

What is my budget

Knowing how much you’re willing to give up on a vacation home rental is an integral part of your hunt. Your budget will also help determine the type of vacation home you are looking for.

However, keep in mind that there will most likely be additional charges. You should also consider cleaning fees that may be included in the fees.

What are your needs and what are luxuries?

If you are considering renting a vacation home, it is important that you do Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Knowing what you really need and what you want will help you orient yourself in the marketplace.

For example, under your essential category, you could classify neighborhood safety. Further necessities can be sufficient parking spaces, uncped WIFI, access to public transport and additional living space for the whole family and guests.

Your luxury might be that you want to be in close proximity to the beach, that you have a dryer on site, and that you have a private swimming pool.

Each list looks different, but specifying these requirements per can help you narrow your search. It also helps you figure out what you’re willing to pay a little more for and what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Karekare Luxury EsceHoliday House Karekare

Types of vacation homes

The tourism industry has come a long way in the last ten years! Today, more than ever, several types of holiday accommodation dominate the markets. And while these developments have been exciting, they can easily get overwhelming.

Thank God, We’ve explored the different types of vacation homes to help you narrow down your search to help you find your perfect „home away from home”.

Bed and breakfast

You most likely know this type of accommodation as a B&B. They are often a smaller, one-bedroom hotel-style residence that is open to guests. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most popular types of accommodation as it’s more affordable and has a popular homely feel.


As the name suggests, you have the option of renting out a private house that has been converted into a guest apartment. This option is also ideal for families looking for a secluded place that is cordoned off only to them.


If you’re looking for a quieter retreat, villa rental is ideal for you. While renting this vacation home is a little more expensive, you likely have a larger room that can accommodate a larger family. You will also have your own kitchen, bedrooms, dining areas and much more.


You also have the option of booking parts of a lodge. This is also a thriving rental option in the industry right now. The great thing about this type of accommodation is that you can choose whether you want a space designed for long stays or short vacation trips – the possibilities here are endless.


While Artment Living used to mean that you were accommodated in a much smaller space, Artments have become much more spacious. There are a number of artments that can accommodate entire families and meet most of your needs. If you choose this option, you also have your own private space with kitchen, bathroom and more that you don’t share with other guests!

Unique holiday apartments

Another great thing about vacation rentals is that there are still truly unique options. From tree houses to crate containers, airstreams and log cabins. All it takes is a little bit of browsing the various vacation rental websites to find the best hidden gems.

Unique holiday apartmentsUnique holiday apartments

What to look for when renting a holiday home

Now that we’ve looked at the different types of accommodation, it’s important that you consider the following before paying a deposit.

Proximity to the city center

You have to think about how close you want to be to the city. Do you want to escape or be closer to the concrete jungle??

Location, location, location

One of the best aspects about renting a vacation home is you Choose a location that suits you and your needs. You have the choice between a house by the sea, in the bush, in the mountains or in the city.

Remember that each location offers different activities due to its geographic location. So, think about the types of activities to do before deciding on a location.

Facilities nearby

As much as we all love a bit of seclusion, it is important that you Stay close to the main facilities. This includes your emergency service as well as nearby shops. This helps to ensure that your stay runs smoothly.


This point cannot be stressed enough. Wherever you decide to rent a vacation home, keep in mind that ideally you want to be close to the local police. You may also want to look up the crime rates in the vicinity of your holiday home.

Rental size

The rental size is crucial as you need to consider your needs. Is this a single family home where the extended family will be present? Do you need a home office space on site? Can you bring your pets?

One look at the size of your rental apartment will ultimately determine whether or not your lifestyle will suit the space.

Tenancy law

It goes without saying that when you rent a holiday home you are entering into a contract, which means that you are familiar with the legal provisions involved. Familiarize yourself with all the conditionswhat is covered, what is not, rules and agreements, etc.

Rent a holiday homeRent a vacation home with friends

Renowned providers of holiday apartments

When you rent a vacation home, you can explore all of the incredible offers. In doing so, it is important that you Always use reputable websites to avoid having your personal information illegally hacked or scammed. Always be careful when you are on the internet!

The great thing about the websites below is that you can customize your search based on location, budget, and several other factors.

Here are a few accredited, safe, and reputable vacation home rental websites:

  • (limit your search to properties, holiday homes or villas)
  • Agoda homes (You have the option to search for homes, private stays or monthly stays)
  • Expedia (narrow your search for holiday apartments)
  • kayak (limit your search to properties or holiday apartments)
  • VRBO (Their options are best suited for families or groups of four or more who are looking for a long-term stay)
  • Plum guide (You check every single property personally so you know you are getting a high quality vacation home – but there is less choice)
  • Airbnb (they offer a hosted experience and have some great features all over the world)
  • host family (similar to Airbnb)

When renting a vacation home, you can also consider house sitting. Read our post about a Summer of House Sitting in Europe.

Make sure to use this blog as a guide while renting a vacation home and you will have one of your best adventures yet!

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