Seacrets, a bustling bar complex by the bay in Maryland’s party center in Ocean City, has scratched its plan to have a mass mask burn on stage this weekend. The event was scheduled a little over a week after Governor Larry Hogan canceled an order that required masks outdoor and resumed outdoor bar service with no social distancing requirements.

According to a listing in the Ocean City visitor’s office websiteThe guests were invited to “Burn” on Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th, “for an outdoor party without restrictions!” This includes live music and service at the beach bars. A Seacrets official, reached by phone on Friday, said the club decided to cancel the event earlier this week, but not because management expected the general public would not. „This area isn’t quite finished,” she says, referring to the beach stage where the mask burning party was supposed to take place.

The event promo had an ironic caveat for guests whose masks should go up in flames: „Restrictions still apply indoors and masks are required inside.” Schwelger was able to mark the occasion of the mask burning with a commemorative T-shirt, while stocks last.

The event could be postponed to a later date, the agent adds, saying that there will be a lot of attendees this weekend. After his calendarSeacrets has a ton of booked DJs and live artists who will be performing in their nightclub, beach bars and on stage from 5pm to 1:50am this weekend.

The decade-old institution, lined with palm trees brought in from Florida each year, is prominently anchored in Midtown’s Ocean City nightlife district. As one of the busiest and Bar with the highest earnings in the countrySeacrets stayed open during the pandemic. The sprawling seaside entertainment complex was established in 1988 and spans six acres with nearly 20 drinking places, a radio station, and a distillery. The Caribbean setup invites drinkers to wade in tubes in the water. It’s arguably best known for its frozen “pain in de ass” – a layered rum runner and pina colada cocktail. Historically, the Tiki Titan bread-and-butter season falls between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when more than 25,000 people wait in line to get inside.

Tony Tomelden, who owns H Street NE pub The Pug, made fun of at the Seacrets party and tweeted a Spotify playlist of Trump rally hits (albeit solid songs) from rockers Boston, Journey, Def Leppard and Styx .

From April 28th, outdoor masks and face coverings will no longer be required State of Marylandon Hogan’s orders. Face-covering is still required for all Marylanders at all major outdoor venues. Marylanders who have not yet been vaccinated are urged to continue wearing masks, especially if physical distancing is not an option. “Wear the damn mask” has been Hogan’s first choice throughout the pandemic.

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