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Not all who wander are lost! – J.R.R Tolkien

Traveling has become very fashionable lately. Everyone does it because it’s nice and because it’s ‘cool’ to have fabulous pictures from different places on Facebook. But for some, traveling is more than that!


  • The gigantic hole that you get in your stomach when you know you are heading towards a new adventure.
  • The people that you meet that help you redesign yourself.
  • The tranquility that you get from seeing amazing and breathtaking landscapes.
  • The magic of not knowing what life-changing event might happen next.
  • The feeling that you get when you stand with your feet in the sand, with the breeze in your hair or on your face, smelling the sea. This is the moment when the world stops and nothing else matters.
Travel Fun by Mihaela
  • The similarities of dozens of languages brought together in one single city.
  • The weird food that you eat in places where this is as natural as it can be.
  • The sweet tiredness that you feel after a day of visiting and the inner voice that whispers “tomorrow I want more.”
  • The kind people that welcome you into their lives and homes, proving that there is still goodness in a world driven mainly by money and power.
  • The supreme revelation that we are humble and quite insignificant creatures when compared to the fantastic beauties of nature.
  • The thing that you are craving and that you know it’s missing when you return home.

dana-food-and-travel-fun2 mihaela-food-and-travel-fun2

For me, Mihaela and also for Dana, traveling is all this and much more. We’ve met online approximately 3 years ago and we’ve been collaborating since then. It wasn’t a “Cupid throws its arrows” situation and I don’t know how she first found me or why she believed in me but we’ve made it so far and we don’t intend to stop here.  We are completely different: she is the IT brains, the fun and dedicated wife and mother, I am the writing addict and the “forever student” type of girl. But we do have one thing in common: we love to travel and discover new places, new cultures and of course……new food.

Food and Travel by Dana

We’ve come up with this blog out of passion and from the desire of sharing bits of life to those who cannot physically travel. We live in a huge world and it would take us a lifetime and a half to visit it all. So we are trying to compensate that through photos, personal experiences and tips or recommendations from other peers.

If traveling is your passion or dream, join our little blog and start building your list. The adventure is yet to begin!



Misty Jhones is a professional health writer from California City. She is a blogger from profession. She enjoys learning about a vast variety of health plans and staying up-to-date on the latest researches. She has written for many health magazines.

Her interests runs the gamut to obscure nutritional goods for living a healthy and peaceful life. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter  and Google+.

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