Hard Rock Cafe is a global rage and its association with rock ‘n’ roll is a heavenly marriage. Not only is it the delicious food that includes the classic American burgers and other dishes, but the Hard Rock Cafe also has a huge following among discerning diners for its musical heritage. His ode to rock music is reflected in his remarkable collection of musical memorabilia, as well as in his merchandise, which has been a huge hit among young people.

The classic logo t-shirt became such a fashion that the cafe’s first rock shop opened. The surge in demand required the establishment of a retail store that gradually expanded its commercial wings and included the sale of goods such as limited edition pins, hoodies, luggage, hats, active clothing, jewelry, accessories and glassware, among others.

Such pealing products formed a market of their own, and the café’s merchandising proved a worthwhile endeavor. It was a matter of time before the music-loving residents of this city would consider these goods. The Rock Shop is conspicuously located near the entrance of the Kolkata Outlet of the Hard Rock Cafe. And people grab the chic printed t-shirts and fashionable hoodies and accessories.

Actors Tnusree Chakraborty and Anindya Chatterjee came to the store to review the goodies and were understandably impressed. „I love the variety of products available here, and I bring some nice hats and jewelry,” said Tnusree, who wore a stylish printed T-shirt with the Hard Rock Cafe logo. Anindya: “The products are eye-catching and fashionable. I love the collection of hoodies and different types of accessories. I look forward to only buying my things from here. ”

To make things more tempting, HRC Kolkata offers lucrative discounts of various kinds. One offer is the beer bucket offer. If you buy a t-shirt along with a beer bucket, you get a substantial discount of around Rs 1000.

“Our merchandise is already in high demand and we believe these generous specials will attract more customers. Everywhere I go people wear our t-shirts, hoodies and accessories and it shows how closely HLC is connected to its customers, ”said Vanita Bajoria, director of the Hard Rock Cafe in Calcutta.


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