Americans Try Different Types of Foods

I’ve recently discovered the videos made by BuzzFeed. These guys are great. They put together the opinions of different people and they make the funniest videos ever. Out of all, their food videos are simply delicious. From a metaphorical perspective of course.

I put together a series of videos for you to enjoy. Check them out!

1. Americans Try Thai Chips For The First Time

Seaweed, salmon, hot chili squid and miang kham. It’s like a freaking contest of “discover the weirdest flavor for your chips.” Honestly, do these flavor stick around? I mean when you go pass the I’ll try it once moment, do you still want to stay for seconds?

2. Americans Try Hawaiian Foods Gor The First Time

The first time I heard about Spam, I must say. And the loco moco is a thing that one might be tempted to eat after a night of heavy drinking. The laulau on the other hand is something I would never eat. Ever!

3. Americans Try Brazilian Snacks For The First Time

It’s time for Brazil to get their goods out in the open. I agreed with the sweet popcorn, the guarana drink and the chocolate poop. The rest are a bit suspicious.

4. Americans Taste Test Irish Snacks

Beer. Guinness. That’s all! But apparently the Irish have more to offer than beer. Ignorant me! I would love to try out the “cocaine” lollipop. I just have a feeling that we would get along very well.

5. The Jewish Food Taste Test

This video makes me want to convert to Judaism. All the foods here look extremely delicious. Except for the fish. But I have something personal against it, so don’t mind me!

Hmm, which one would you think is the grossest type of food for you? I mean like the one that you would never eat!

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