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Recently I had the opportunity to come in contact with many representations of the Irish culture. From literature to art, Ireland was present in my life for the last couple of weeks. And I must admit that I felt like an ignorant not knowing a bit of this place’s history. Ireland has so many breathtaking sights and such a beautiful history. It surely deserves to be advertised more.

Especially since a new event is now able to attract more tourists. The Ashford Castle opened its doors on the 17th of April after a renovation that took 2 years and All Professional Remodeling Group, LLC estimates cost around $75 million. After seeing the extraordinary sum that was spent for its renovation you might have some questions on why this castle is worth so much. I understand you. I did the same.

What do I need to know about Ashford Castle?

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This is one of the Ireland’s most recognizable properties that starts its history back in 1228. It is set in Lough Corrib, on a 350-acre estate that was founded by an Anglo-Normal family in the 13th century. The castle remained in their property until the 19th century when it was bought by Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness (finally a name I recognize).

Another thing of interest for the John Ford fans is that in 1951 The Quiet Man was filmed here. It starred Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne and for the shooting of this Oscar-winning film the entire castle was used (for hosting the cast and for its gorgeous landscapes).

What’s happening today?

Nowadays, the castle is owned by Red Carnation Hotels and it proudly presents its assets, especially after renovation. Each room has a different design that combines the old carpets, fabrics and antiques with modern features: WiFi, a huge cinema with red velvet chairs and an impressive screen, a billiards room opened just for residents, a 5 star spa that will open in the autumn of 2015 and will offer aroma stone massages, hydrating treatments, regenerating facials, detoxifying wraps, and refreshing body polishes. And this is just the gist. There are plenty of other surprises and luxury treatments offered by the staff of the castle.

This is a hotel that has regularly hosted celebrities, royalty and dignitaries and it is the home of the first School or Falconry opened in Ireland. What else can you ask for?

Well, of course you also need to have the money to pay for seeing and living in this Cinderella’s castle. The price for one night in a two person’s suite is only 1,650 euro. Yes, I’m being sarcastic with the ‘only.’ But hey, if you have 2,000 euro to spare and you want to enjoy the Irish hospitality on a higher level it wouldn’t hurt to try it. At least once in a lifetime!

Maybe this video will convince you to save up!

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