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Auland Automatic Cat Feeder HD Camera for Video Recording 7.5L Dog Food Dispenser with Low Food Indication, Programmable Portion Control, APP Control, Voice Recorder for up to 8 Meals per Day

Price: $159.99
(as of Mar 06,2021 13:40:42 UTC – Details)

Product Description

automatic cat feeder automatic cat feeder

automatic cat feeder automatic cat feeder

Keep Your Pet Fed and Happy Even Though Being Away

Never miss your pets’ meals if skipping town! Easily program to serve them meals or snacks at the right time.

You can also talk to your pets through camera and capture their funny moment!

automatic cat feederautomatic cat feeder

Say Goodbye To Early Morning Nudges

Crazy about being woken up by your pets to serve breakfast?

Set up morning meals in prompt and recondition your pets to stop annoying you when enjoying sweet dreams in bed.

automatic cat feeder

automatic cat feeder

automatic cat feeder

automatic cat feeder

automatic cat feeder

automatic cat feeder

Low Food Alarm

Alert with LED light flashing when food running low. Low food indication can also be checked via APP.

Smart Food Outlet

The outlet rises up only when distributing food, effectively preventing pets from knocking kibble off from the outlet.

7.5L Super Large Capacity

Holds up to 7.5L of food. No need to refill the hopper frequently and double locking does great job keeping kibble fresh.

automatic cat feederautomatic cat feeder

How To Connect

– Connect your smart phone to the Wi-Fi (Note: 5G Wi-Fi is not currently supported.).

– Follow instructions to the page of entering Wi-Fi password.

– Enter Wi-Fi password. Scan QR code in front of the camera and you will hear a „beep” sound.

– After a few seconds of configuration, the connection is successful.

automatic cat feederautomatic cat feeder

Connection Tips

– Auland pet feeder only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi. Please do not use 5G Wi-Fi during pairing.

– Wi-Fi name cannot contain special characters and the Wi-Fi password should not exceed 12 digits.

– Please keep your device, phone and Wi-Fi router as close as possible during pairing.

– If connection fails, please reset the feeder first before trying again.

automatic cat feederautomatic cat feeder

Happy Moment Sharing

– Easy to share your pets’ funny moment with friends or family.

– The invitee can feed and monitor pets and stay informed about what’s happening even if you’re out.

Warm Tips:

1.Our automatic pet feeders are only compatible with dry food, with the kibble size ranging from 0.2-0.45 inches in diameter.

2.Please make sure using the power adapter and batteries at the same time to avoid the feeder being reset in case sudden power outage.

3.Turn the bottom button to “-” location to make sure the batteries work after installing the batteries.

4.Test the automatic cat feeder before relying on it completely to make sure it works as expected.


Programmable: 8 meals per day,1-30 portions (10g-300g) per meal, manual feeding 3 portions by default

Function: Camera Monitoring, APP Control, Timer Programmable, Voice Recorder, Low Food Reminder, Dual Power Supply System

Package Included:

1 * Auland Automatic Pet Feeder (7.5L)

1 * Power Adapter

1 * Wire Protector

1 * User Manual

2 * Reinforced Accessories

Never Miss A Meal: The automatic cat feeder feeds your pet from anywhere and at anytime via your smart phone or feeder’s control panel.It won’t break your best friend’s fixed feeding schedules if you have to stay late at the office or sleep in on weekend.
Moisture-proof Lock and Stable Base:The design of double lids with lock is to keep the kibble fresh and keep away other animals if you’re feeding outdoor pets.The installation of an extra reinforced accessories effectively prevent naughty pets from accidentally knocking the feeder down.
Right Portions for Healthy Diet: Automatic cat feeder allows you to set up to 8 meals daily with 1-30 portions (10 grams each) to suit your pets. This investment will help your furry friends maintain a healthy weight and manage health conditions such as diabetes.
Large Capacity Hopper: This pet feeder comes with 7.5L hopper. It can last for a few days to a week depending on how many pets you raise or how much your pets eat, which is great for those who wants to travel few days or don’t want to refill the feeder frequently.