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The title of this book is so powerful that it could mesmerize 1 million people. Put together ‘barbecue’ with ‘bible’ and you’ve got yourself something that you know will be awesome.

Tramontina is a leader brand of kitchen supplies from Brazil and everyone knows that barbecue is the biggest tradition in Brazil. So the only remaining question is: how do you attract the respect and loyalty of your biggest potential clients, the barbecue restaurant owners?

You come up with a book (limited edition, of course) and you name it The Barbecue Bible. Simple, efficient and powerful! In this book you can capture Tramontina’s vision of the perfect barbecue. What screams dedication louder than a video in which the cook prepares the barbecue from every page included in this bible?

Watch the video below and you can experience a whole new and creative way to prepare a barbecue (use a page to sharpen your knife, one to salt your meat, etc.). I won’t give away more because seeing the video is actually much more intense. It blends passion for food and dedication for a work well done.

And if you want to be the proud owner of your own Barbecue Bible you can get it from here. 

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