Beautiful Views Giving the Touch of Classic Americana

Miami South Beach in Florida

Key West is the southernmost city in the United States, fabled with iconic road trips and elegant beaches giving a sensory overload and natural beauty along the route. Adventure through the Florida Keys needs a unique planning in the epic adventure where you can entangle with things you have never planned. The drive includes many good places to eat and drink giving a quirky stop for tourists. The four hour ride from Miami to Key West covers a string of islands and islets bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The 160 miles of about 12hour trip can be made through car, bus and plane between the two destinations. Clean and comfortable buses can give you a relaxing environment and save the time generally. It is less expensive than flying and boating and so most of the people opt to drive through motor coach or bus. There are daily tours and transportation shuttles between where you can enjoy the historical sites across the most popular places.

Ecstatic Road Trip and Astonishing Features

  • The overseas highway includes 42 bridges spanning the Atlantic Ocean and it is like going through the bridge for every 20 minutes. There are 32 islands before reaching Key West which are completely flooded by street artists, outdoor cafes and restaurants.
  • The head start to the overseas highway starts with a strip malls and food restaurants, covered by sandy palm tree lined lanes, pastel houses and a pretty view of the ocean.
  • A slow transition from the roadside for about 30 miles includes palm trees and ocean vistas focused more on the scenery. There are tiny islands dotting the horizon giving a beautiful wind on the hair.
  • The other half mile covers the abundance of wildlife and can watch people paddle under the water and take a nap under the palm trees.
  • You can even upgrade your visit with a glass bottom ride, a conch train ride, a snorkeling cruise or have a parasailing. The narrated guides can explain the must see places and their historic importance.
  • The colorful locals in Key West are known for its shallow dives with corals and fish. This southernmost city has been the launching point for many wrecked decks and has many remote sites. The island has established to be a standalone gateway for plenty of tourists by offering a wide variety of restaurants and cottages giving the classic touch.
  • The vibrant stretch of shopping and night life is just set lovely making it to be a perfect historic district. Summer offers the best water and wind conditions and hence there is a peak visibility during this period.

The breathtaking views of the island paradise, snorkeling cruise to the coral reef, fun ride in the conch train, visit to the Mallory Square in the waterfront and soaring above the emerald blue waters can give a promising journey for those who wish to make a stay in the city. The glamorous beaches and the well laid out atmosphere can take you off the world by enjoying the culture in the historically rich island.

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