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Being vegan is one of the best decisions you can make for your health. It is a complete life-shifter and changes the way you look at life. Basically, being vegan means choosing the lifestyle where you do not use or consume any product which is obtained by animals. Animal-related products include honey, milk, eggs, meat, gelatin, etc. They do not eat any food product which contains any of these things nor do they use any product which uses any animal-related products such as clothes. Being vegan is very different from being vegetarian. People are usually confused between these two.


We call veganism as a life-changer because it changes our lives in many ways; from health to our lifestyle. The decision to be a vegan is not easy; it requires a lot of determination and sacrifices to adapt to this type of lifestyle. Jordyn Smith from Jordyn’s Vegan Place explains that veganism is the rejection of all animal derived products, including cosmetics or hygiene items containing animal byproducts or ingredients tested on animals. There are many companies and brands that use animal products in their goods; these include cosmetics, clothing, soaps, etc. But it is incredible if you achieve to sacrifice all these things and become a pure vegan. Different people have different reasons for choosing this lifestyle and being a vegan, some of the reasons being:

  • They are conscious of their health; they find animal products contaminated and unhealthy, so they prefer to eat and consume plants-products only.
  • They love animals; they love all the creatures on this Earth equally and are strictly against those who take advantage of those who cannot stand up for themselves.
  • They want to preserve the environment.
  • Some people choose this path on a temporary basis so as to check their capability or experiment this different life without meat, dairy products, and other animal products.

Being vegan has a big impact and effect on your lives; all of these changes are good. Below are some of the benefits which are being provided by a vegan life diet and lifestyle:

  1. Helps you to lose weight:

It is a known fact that people who do not eat meat, dairy products or other animal products are much healthier and have appropriate weight as compared to people who consume these products. People are especially shifting on the vegan diet, though on a temporary basis, in order to lose weight. Vegans have a lower body mass index (BMI) as compared to other people. Vegans are much more aware and conscious about their health and tend to intake fresh food which helps to improve their health and avoid gaining excessive weight.

  • Improves the functioning of your body:

When you eat healthily, it automatically shows on your body. As discussed earlier, vegans usually have a lower body mass index (BMI); they are automatically protected from many major problems like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. People who do not consume animal products are unlikely to get problems like heart disease or kidney failure.

  • Provides nutrition:

Once you stop eating chicken, meat, eggs, or dairy products, you are left with a limited variety of food. You shift to other food products like peanuts, whole grains, fruits, fresh vegetables, pulses, etc. which are enriched with nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin D, and other important nutrients. Vegans get their protein from soy as they do not eat eggs.

  • Strengthen your bones:

Nutrients like potassium and magnesium contribute strength to the bones of our body. The vegan diet includes eating such vegetables and soy products which are enriched with nutrients. Vegans also include figs, kale, and spinach in their diet in order to obtain calcium which helps to enhance the bones in our body. Intake of such healthy nutrients and minerals not only keeps our bones strong but also brings glow on our face.

  • Balance the environment:

Consuming more of plant products helps to lower the use of animal products, which in turn protects the animals from harm. Animals are being killed and misused for selfish reasons; to eat meat, to wear fashionable clothes made from their fur and leather, and other unnecessary and totally avoidable purpose. Leading a lifestyle which does not harm any animal is a chance for you to preserve the environment and protect our animal species.    

  • Improves our mood:

Believe it or not, eating the flesh of animals creates negativity in your minds. You tend to be angrier and get irritated easily. Eating fresh fruits and leafy vegetables help in improving your life by bringing positivity in your mind and life.

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