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Bessie Bakes Super-Thin & Pliable Marble Hexagon Tile Replicated Backdrop for Food & Product Photography 3 ft x 2ft | Moisture Resistant Stain Resistant Lightweight

Price: $46.95
(as of Mar 16,2021 07:17:45 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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Bessie Bakes Backdrop Styles | Know the Differences



super-thin and pliable backdrop

super-thin and pliable backdrop

twenty-inch square

twenty-inch square

Lightweight 2′ x 3′ Backdrops

Our 3mm thick lightweight backdrops are 36″ wide x 24″tall. The rigid design allows you to easily stand it up for use as a backdrop or you can lay it flat to transform your existing surface. With dozens of colors and textures, take your product or food photography to the next level.

Super-Thin & Pliable Backdrops

Our Super-Thin & Pliable backdrops give you the same 2′ x 3′ size as the Lightweight backdrops, same realistic replicated surfaces and textures, but these are…you guessed it…super-thin and pliable. Easily roll it up and take it with you or clip in place as a backdrop.

Compact 20″ Square Backdrops

If your photography is on a smaller scale, our compact 20″ backdrops provide the wow without the bulk. Dozens of colors and textures will give your smaller photo shoot big results.

made in usamade in usa

Thin & Pliable Backdrop Measures 24″ x 36″
Rounded corners for easy storage and protection
Great for food & product photography & videos, social media images, website photos
You can use photography clips to attach the marble hexagon tile to a board to stand it up behind your scene
Even though the tiles aren’t real they look so realistic even when shooting with the camera on your phone!