This high protein meal replacement will be a perfect choice of people using low carbs diet. The product provides a high amount of calories. In addition to the energy value of 200 calories, another 30 calories are provided by fat. Hence, each dose of GNC Lean Shake 25 supplies 30% of fat, which is a considerable value. The overall protein of the supplement includes several sources, such as milk protein concentrate, sodium caseinate, whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Such mixture of high quality and cheap protein sources results in 25 grams per serving. Unfortunately, the total protein quality is disputable, since the share of each protein source is unknown.

The taste and quality of the shake are the main topics of the customers’ discontent. In addition, the considerable calories content significantly reduces the efficiency of the product for weight management purposes.

16 servings of GNC Lean Shake cost $44.99, which results in a significant amount for a month supply. Considering that the shake contains many cheap ingredients, the prices seems overestimated.

If you doubt in efficiency and quality of this diet product, it is recommended to take into account the following alternatives to Lean Shake.

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This product has gained popularity due to its numerous health benefits, such as blood sugar control, energy boost, craving suppression and many others. The content of the products amounts to over 70 ingredients, including exotic superfoods and various whey protein sources.

One serving of Shakeology supplies 16g of protein, which suppresses appetite preventing unnecessary snacking. A flaw of the shake is the high amount of sugar – 7g.

The main drawback of this diet shake is its price. If using Shakeology once a day, the cost will amount to $129.95.

The users usually complain about bad appetite suppression and complicated weight management.

Ideal Shape

The energy value of Ideal Shape is 100 calories only, which is a sufficient value to serve as a meal replacement. Besides, low calories allow you to use this shake twice a day without affecting the efficiency of your weight management. One serving of this supplement supplies 11g of whey protein. A set of 22 minerals and vitamins includes three artificial components

The product is designed for losing weight. A low amount of sugar (1 gram) provides blood sugar regulation and causes no problems with weight management. The price of 30 servings of Ideal Shape is $49.99.

18 Shake

The best alternative to the above is 18 Shake. This product has a huge popularity, which increases every day. The shake contains only natural ingredients without any artificial components. 15g of whey protein is a sufficient amount for both people, who want to lose weight and those, who wants to use shake as a meal replacement. One serving of this product supplies 18 nutrients, 90 calories and 1g of sugar. You will not find any feedbacks about side effects or low efficiency of this shake. A package of 18 Shake will cost you $59.99, which is a rather affordable price. However, if taking the shake twice a day, you should be ready to pay $120.

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