Best Bars in La Jolla

When you’re hanging out in the greater San Diego area, you’ll want to visit La Jolla. This prosperous city is small, with a population of 48,228. Its modest community is close-knit, and the mountain backdrop is gorgeous. While you’re here, you should grab a drink and enjoy yourself. Here are the four best bars in La Jolla.

Triple Crown Pub

When you think about a beloved bar, what are your favorite elements? Happy Hour is certainly one, and a Trivia Night is another. Triple Crown Pub checks both of those boxes with dollar discounts on drinks during Happy Hour, and a Tuesday night full of obscure knowledge tests. Plus, the darts and billiards here are among the finest in town. At this pub, you’ll find more than a dozen beers on tap and plenty more bottled beer and wine options. It’s a great joint.

George’s at the Cove

Image via Flickr by City Foodsters

Sometimes, you want to drink at a classier place. That’s definitely George’s at the Cove, which is a combination restaurant/bar. The eatery is a San Diego staple, one that foodies have embraced. The bar, George’s Level2, delivers craft cocktails that will blow your mind. Several of their drinks are George’s originals. The most heralded one is Sea3, a funky margarita that’s also an inside┬ápun.

When you drink here, you’re reveling in the greatness of La Jolla’s atmosphere. Thanks to the second level location, you’ll have an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean from the terrace. To best enjoy the ambience, choose a lovely La Jolla hotel on Hotel Planner in the same neighborhood.

The Hake

Drinking is not just for after dark, especially not while you’re on vacation. When you want appetizers and a cocktail for lunch, head to The Hake. This eatery has a sterling reputation for both. Situated near the ocean, its menu emphasizes seafood and flavor. The drinks are precisely the sort of fruity fun things you’d expect by the ocean. Yes, you’ll find expected fare like the Mandarin Mule, but The Hake also sells a concoction called the Grand 5 Masts. It’s so delicious that it won the Grand Marnier’s Grand Masters Competition.

The Shores Restaurant

Many establishments in La Jolla blur the lines between restaurant and pub. The Shores is a perfect example, as it’s a gorgeous table service eatery in the heart of La Jolla Shores. It’s also one of the best places to spend Happy Hour in the entire San Diego area.

The Shores is right by the ocean, and the floor-to-ceiling windows provide a sumptuous view of the beach. When you go here, you’ll feel like you’re eating Michelin Star cuisine, acting like a beach bum, and living the pub life. Sit on the patio when the weather allows, which is almost all the time in La Jolla. You’ll love the incongruity of umbrella drinks and beach smell right beside one of the most lauded kitchens in the city.

You’ll have a wonderful time in La Jolla. It’s a beautiful city with plenty to do. You’ll also love the refined pub scene that mixes upscale dining and dirty drinking.

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