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The South’s best BBQ…The Big Apple’s most delicious delis…and the most fabulous food on wheels in the fifty states. Ever wonder where the USA’s tastiest treasures are located? Or who are the brains behind the mouthwatering methods and innovative ingredients used in each amazing meal? On Best Food Ever, we’ll run down the country’s top ten food destinations and highlight what makes them the best in their culinary category. In each episode we’ll meet the people behind these delectable dishes, reveal their surprising recipes and trade secret techniques, and get the scoop on what drives foodies to these dining establishments. It’s the series that showcases the nation’s most incredible cuisines…it’s Best Food Ever.

1 Sensational Sandwiches
Long: TLC’s "Best Food Ever: Sensational Sandwiches" takes viewers on a cross-country tour of supreme American sandwiches. There are mountains of
meat in New Jersey that rack over a foot high and feed an entire family… portable almond encrusted chicken perfections in Austin, made
accessible in a cone… Philly style upscale one-hundred dollar cheese-steaks made from prime Kobe beef… and down-home rib-sticking hotdog, tamale,
and chili sandwiches made famous in Chicago for bringing as much heartburn pleasure as your mother-in-law. This is a hearty road trip crafted with
every palette in mind! It’s sure to leave viewers craving America’s best local handheld feasts while highlighting the delightful characters behind
their creations.

2 Bodacious Bakeries
Long: TLC’s "Best Food Ever: Bodacious Bakeries" takes viewers on the sweetest cross-country tour of delectable American treats. There are sugar cookies
in Arizona with luscious icing mounded to the sky, seriously moist Texas cupcakes infused with indulgent cocktail flavors, Boston torrones perfected
through generations of Italian tradition, and strawberry butter-cream cakes as lovely as the Tennessee southern belles who bake them. This is a sweet
tooth road trip challenge crafted with every palette in mind! It’s sure to leave viewers craving the delicacies of America’s best local finds while
highlighting the delightful personalities behind their creations.

3 Fab Food Carts
Long: TLC’s "Best Food Ever: Fab Food Carts" takes viewers on a cross-country tour of mouth-watering American street foods. There are huaraches that take
you on a Mexican adventure as you stand on a Connecticut curbside… a heavy-metal pig rolling through Seattle that’s as exciting as the savory and
spicy pulled pork inside…a French taco truck in San Francisco filling guests with escargot lollipops… and Belgian waffles in NYC that are dreamily
delicious from the very first bite. This is a road trip crafted with every palette in mind! It’s sure to leave viewers craving America’s best curbside
delights while highlighting the vibrant characters behind the parked creations.
4 Darn Good Diners
Long: TLC’s "Best Food Ever: Darn Good Diners" takes viewers on a cross-country tour of America’s extraordinary diners. There’s an Arizona diner with
the biggest and baddest pies in the West… a brisket breakfast in Atlanta so unique it’s unstirring any greasy spoon ideas…the best pastrami
sandwich you’ve ever had but look again because it’s vegan … and deep fried crispy French toast made wonderfully comforting by Boston women who
know monster French toast best. This is a delicious road trip crafted with every palette in mind! It’s sure to leave viewers craving America’s best
diner delights!

6 Buzzworthy BBQ
Long: TLC’s "Best Food Ever: Buzzworthy BBQ" takes viewers on a cross-country roadtrip of America’s juicy, sizzlin’, and rubbed just right BBQ shack
and restaurant finds. There are Texas beef ribs in New York, smoking in a made-for- New York City 14 story flue … s


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