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Best of Kerala Tour Package – Top Must Visit Place

If you are searching a lot about Kerala and its famous places and cannot find anything, this article can help you a lot. It tells a lot about his Best of Kerala Tour Packages and famous places and attractions.

Kerala is a great place travel on a budget and if you want to enjoy a trip that won’t burn a hole in your pocket then this is the place. While in Kerala, enjoy a visit after seeing one of the country’s top attractions. If you are planning to visit this amazing place, we recommend that you search and find some places of this majestic place for you and your spouse and have a trip of a lifetime. Take a look at what makes Kerala a great destination for newlywed couples:

Thekkady: A true wildlife destination quote would say „There is nothing quite like Thekkady„and it would be correct in its beliefs. This forest area is one of the most popular places in Kerala and is home to many animals, exotic and others. If you have been to a wildlife destination in Northern India, you can be rest assured that in South india This is something you are not ready for its surprises. Yes it is green! Spend some time here hiking the nature trails and trails and you will definitely see the difference.


Alleppey: Kerala backwaters have never come better than Alleppey, where houseboats are few and far between and small villages surround the entire area, viewing backwaters as their own private roads. Here if you plan yours travel In Kerala you will find small villages and some floating markets, as well as canoes that can be transported in different channels. Spend at least one night on one of the houseboats and have a unique experience under a starry sky as the houseboat roams the canals and takes you to the mouth of the river.


Munnar: Munnar is one of the most lush green spots you can ever hope for. It seems like a little paradise with its rolling hills, fragrant tea gardens and some of the most beautiful views in Kerala. Make sure Munnar is a part of your Kerala tourism. There is plenty to do here in Munnar, from hiking in tea factories to visiting local spice markets, from the long awaited lake to the slopes that lead to beautiful nature. Munnar is a heartfelt must-see for romantics as this is the place to go back to Kerala.


Wayanad: One of the super green destinations near Kerala is Wayanad. Here you can camp under the old, huge lakes and stars. You can also prepare for a fishing competition that turns fishing into a sport, and get anyone from the local stores to cook whatever they want for you. Or you can just catch the fish and then release it instead of cooking it. There are many great accommodation options available to you here. A solo traveler is sure to enjoy these benefits of staying in Kerala.


Kochi: Kochi is a modern city yet rich in culture and natural beauty. It’s a great place for solo travelers. After all, this is where all of the negotiators for souvenirs and other shopping opportunities are. And finally, you’ll want to take home some items to remember yours Excursionand of course, give a few gifts to your family and friends waiting for you at home. There is also Kochi where the accommodation is available so you can find something that is suitable for solo travelers.


Kumarakom: Another backwater destination, Kumarakom, is where you can watch a snake boat race, especially if it is the season for the race. Spend some time here pleasing your favorite boat, all of which are so beautifully decorated that you are sure to fall in love with them and will come back year after year to see them in action. Kumarakom is a great place for solo travelers as it gives you a chance to really get in touch with local life here.


There are plenty of other things to think about when choosing what to do as a part Kerala tourism for you to choose from. The only thing you have to do is see which places in Kerala you want to hang out with your sweetheart and make sure they are part of you Tours in Kerala. Spend some time in your own land of God and you will see why Kerala is a great destination for solo travelers from all over India and parts of the world. The beauty of this state is to be believed.