Fortunately, there is no ultimate vacation scenario as everyone has their own idea of ​​what a dream vacation is.

Yes, planning a getaway would be a lot easier if there was a universal answer, there are no arguments about that. But life would be so much more boring that the cost just doesn’t justify the means.

However, there are some popular ideas about what makes a perfect travel environment. For some people, it’s the tropical paradise from the Bounty Candy Bar commercial, while others crave the unique larger-than-life atmosphere of the capital cities. Quite a few dream of snow, fjords and the wonder of the aurora borealis.

And the jewel of Italy, the breathtaking Amalfi Coast is definitely one of the most interesting options on the list of favorite vacation destinations. And with so many incredible places on the Amalfi Coast, that’s no surprise!

The picturesque coast seems to belong to another world, a window to a paradise from another universe. The sheer beauty of the landscapes will take your breath away, even if you have been to this remarkable region several times.

Everything seems too good to be true: Nature, food, limoncello liquor and brilliant sights. Deciding what to include on your vacation list can therefore be a daunting task.

Let’s examine some of the most interesting options that you can use to search Italy vacation packages.

Best Places to Visit on the Amalfi Coast: Sights Not To Be Missed

It is brave (to say the least) to assume that someone can visit all of the region’s impressive sights while on vacation. So why not start with something less ambitious?

For example, you can choose three interesting places to visit for your first trip. This gives you some time to enjoy a food tour, explore the cities you have chosen for your stay, and take spontaneous excursions.

Blue Grotto on Cri Island

A breathtaking natural wonder, that Blue grottois an extraordinary sea cave that can easily become the highlight of your trip. This magical natural wonder belongs to another planet and feels like a setting for one of the Doctor Who Consequences.

The entrance to this not so secret landmark is hardly noticeable, two meters wide and about one meter high. So you need an experienced guide to get in. Visitors have to lie on the bottom of a rowboat to board, but this minor inconvenience is well worth the breathtaking beauty that awaits them inside. Upon entering you will see a wide cave that juts deep into the cliff and is lit by the rich blue light of the sea water, so clean it seems impossible.

In Roman times, this place was a building hole of the second Roman emperor and looked more civilized – decorated with sculptures (two of which can be found in the Anacri Museum) and some relaxation areas, but time erased any trace of luxury. and the Blue Grotto now seems as untouched as it used to be.

Cathedral of Saint Andrew & Cloister of Paradise

The city of Amalfi offers many fascinating sights. However, if you don’t have a lot of time and you just need to choose one of these to explore thoroughly, check out this one Cathedral of Saint Andrew, also known simply as Amalfi Cathedral.

It is probably one of the most visited places on the Amalfi Coast.

You will not miss it, because the sight is a real eye-catcher and dominates the view of the Piazza del Duomo, the heart of Amalfi.

To be fair, a place like this one that combines unique style, fascinating history and unparalleled cultural heritage is quite a bizarre sight to be found adjacent to cozy and always bustling streets lined with shops and cafes. But such an interesting position only adds to its charm.

The cathedral houses the relics of the Easter Saint Andrew, and its interiors can amaze even seasoned travelers.

Cloister of paradise, adapted to the cathedral, is also an interesting sight to stop by. This beautiful place is a small garden with palm trees and amazing flowers, the kingdom of greens and blossoms. It was designed as a graveyard for the wealthy merchants of Amalfi, but it’s nothing more than a graveyard you’ve seen before.

This island of calm is surrounded by a majestic peristyle supported by over a hundred columns. During your visit, keep an eye out for the ancient sarcophagi that surround the cloister.

Vallone delle Ferriere

Even if you’re not a huge nature fanatic, take a short break from the famous sandy beaches of the Amalfi Coast and give up the famous ones Vallone delle Ferriere hike a chance.

A truly remarkable way to see another side of Amalfi, take in breathtaking views and take advantage of some unique photo opportunities. Don’t worry, no special physical training is required to explore the trail. It’s relatively easy and mostly descending.

The trail takes you through a beautiful valley where you can see the ancient ruins of medieval foundries, past ancient water mills (once the engine that powered Amalfi’s world famous industry) and majestic waterfalls. The entire hike takes about three hours, and it’s better to start early in the morning when the day gets hot.

The best advice I can give you – wear your sneakers and don’t forget your swimsuit. Thank me later!

As you can see, even these three places on the Amalfi Coast, a bare minimum on an Amalfi Coast tour, are already a fantastic reason to choose this sun-kissed vacation as your next vacation destination!

But you can rely on that There is so much more to see and do therethat you will want to return to this unique Italian region again and again.

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