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The famous writer Agatha Christie said that life during a journey is a dream in its pure form. However, as it often happens, in order to make a dream come true, you need money. Living on a shoestring budget, students sometimes can’t afford a trip to the desired destinations. But, there are methods for every collegian to combine traveling and earning money. And we reveal them now!

  1. Cruise liners: from cleaning manager to photographer

Job on a cruise ship can bring decent money. Among the offered vacancies – a cook, barman, administrator, cleaning manager and many others. Among the requirements – knowledge of the English language (conversational English). In some cases, experience in the field and recommendations are necessary. The level of earnings can fluctuate significantly – from 500 to 2500 dollars a month. Accommodation and meals are at the employer’s expense, which makes those works extremely preferable for travelers.

  1. English teacher

If you look for adventure and are fluent in English, then the teaching job is a suitable option. There are such offers in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. In most cases, knowledge of English is sufficient, and command of the language of the country is not necessary.

Of course, many foreign language schools want to see teachers as residents of English-speaking countries. However, in India, for example, teachers are in demand and they don’t even require teaching experience and teacher education.

India Trip

  1. WWOOF  Volunteer

Participation in the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms program allows you to see the world and spend almost nothing!

A volunteer works on the farm 4-6 hours a day, in exchange for what the farmer-owner provides him with housing and food. The volunteer pays for a round-trip flight, as well as the annual membership fee of WWOOF in the country where he would like to work. The choice of countries is more than 50.

This opportunity is one of the greatest jobs for students, who are studying agriculture.

  1. Nanny

Au Pair or „extra pair of hands” is a nanny from another country who lives with a family, helps to look after children and gets pocket money. Perfect knowledge of the language is not necessary – you will learn it while in the country. This program is a great way for college students to travel and learn a language.

According to the au pair program, you can travel to most of the developed countries of the world. You can explore the outskirts on the weekend! There are age restrictions: as a rule, you should not be younger 18 and not older than 30. Love of children is a must.

  1. Tourist guide

Many companies and summer camps hire guides out of season. For example, if you desire to become a rafting instructor, which is only possible in the summer, start looking for work beforehand, in autumn or winter. Hotels and resorts often need animators and staff for the various activities that they offer, so you can probably find something suitable. Make your travel plan and contact other guides who can provide information about the work. Flexible hours are absolutely guaranteed!

  1. Photographer on the go

You can photograph anything – from wedding ceremonies in exotic countries to the underwater world in deep oceans. Photographer on the go is one of the most adventurous travelers jobs ever!

If you already have equipment, you just need to gain experience. Your talent and recommendations will do their thing. A number of earnings depends on many factors, for example, a photographer on a cruise liner can earn $ 1,000 per month.

  1. Freelance writer

If you have an opportunity to carry a laptop everywhere and access to the Internet, this job is for you! There is a lot of available online services that hire freelance writers. You won’t be overloaded with work, and if you really love writing, this activity will only bring you pleasure. What can be better than composing a story sitting on the grass Eiffel tower?

Though, if homework still burdening your travel, get assistance at those writing companies. useful source will be your savior.

Have you thought about starting a travel blog, by the way? It can also bring additional income.

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