Bikano, India’s favorite snack and packaged food manufacturing company has recently re-launched a wide selection of their Sharbat range for the summer of 2022. Of these Rose Syrup, Orange Sharbat, Khus Syrup, Jeera Shikanji, Badam Brahmhi, and Thandai Kesaria are the chief ones and they look even more fetching in their new packaging that is sleek and has easy-to-grip bottle cs.

Since summers are the best time to indulge in a variety of sharbat in order to stay cool, refreshed, and hydrated, and what is better than choosing from the vast array of Sharbats, especially in their new avatar? From subtle jeera and badam flavors to the popular rose and khus ones.

Manish Aggarwal, Director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd., said, “This summer is the first since 2020 that people will enjoy with their family and friends. Gradually, as our lives seem to be returning to the pre-Covid routine with the offices, schools, colleges, varying modes of transport, etc. opening up, hopefully, people will leave their houses more often and when they visit their loved ones, they will indulge in refreshing glasses of Bikano Sharbats. So we wanted to welcome this change with a brand new look for our Sharbat collection. We just wanted to add a new spin to that by making the bottles extremely sleek while the new bottle cs are easier to grip and open now than they ever were.”

Dawinder Pal, head of marketing at Bikano, said, “Summers for Bikano is always brighter thanks to the wide popularity of our vast range of Sharbats. Even this year, due to the fact that people will gradually be returning to visiting their friends and family more than during the pandemic and even taking family vacations together, we are speculating that we will notch up substantial sales this year. As it is, Bikano Sharbats are best enjoyed in the company of loved ones in the summers; now with the new packaging we are hoping that we will be ushering in more refreshing times for our consumers as well as for Bikano.”


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