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We are Sandy and Rush and traveling far and wide is in our DNA. Every time we take a break, we go to places that make wonderfully reliable memories, and Sydney is arguably the best metropolis we have usually toured.

The city of Sydney has numerous attractions. There are man-made and normal miracles that you may be keen on. Visit Opera House and Climb Sydney Court Hanger are the most famous artificial holiday exercises in Sydney. In the event that you’re looking for a signature travel alternative, visiting the Blue Mountains is an undeniable requirement on your container list. Blue Mountains is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a major fascination west of Sydney’s central business district. A 1.30 hour drive will take you to Katoomba, where you will have the opportunity to see the mesmerizing perspectives of the Three Sisters Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains day trip - Sydney

The Blue Mountains are certainly not another place for us. However, if you are arranging a visit to the Blue Mountains from Sydney, we recommend hiring a guide who will be in-depth about their activities. Thought should be given about the long participation and the number of visitors or the number of visits they lead to the Blue Mountains. For this reason, we generally choose Sydney Top Tours as our preferred visits administrator when visiting Sydney.

We did a lot of things when we were in Blue Mountains, Sydney. The first was the quick stop at Glenbrook Camper Ground to spot some wild kangaroos. There were around 5 to 7 eastern gray kangaroos that ate wet grass in the early morning. Next we took this tour from Sydney to visit the Three Sisters Lookout. We still remembered a selfie from the Queen Elizabeth deck. There have been many hikes in the Blue Mountains. But it depends on your physical stability. The easiest bush walk is from The Scenic World to the Katoomba Cascade.

Listed above are just a few things we did in the Blue Mountains with limited time availability. However, there are hundreds of things to do as a couple or as a family in the Blue Mountains. The Are is popular for summer campers. Travelers who want to bird watch, people who test their strength by rappelling. Art of it, there are a few tricky 4WD tracks if you are a seasoned 4×4 driver. If you have a few days left, head further up the area to Blackheath and Jenolan Caves, where you can see some ruins before the gold rush.

Blue Mountains day trip - Sydney

We booked Sydney Top Tours on the last visit of ours Blue Mountains tours and they have never let us or my family down. Sydney Top Tours team has honored all the information that interests you the most and will take you to the most interesting places in the Blue Mountains like Pulpit, Megalong Valley, etc.

As a final note, a road trip through the Blue Mountains is the ideal getaway from busy and noisy Sydney. Anyway, planning a Blue Mountains schedule is not an easy task since there is so much to see and do. From eternal natural life to cascading, it’s not surprising that this is one of the most common road trips outside of Sydney. Hence, it is fundamental that you plan each stop to live your day. If you are unsure whether to drive on the roads and in Sydney, we recommend that you do not drive yourself but pay extra and book tour operators from Sydney to the Blue Mountains.

We are sure to plan a visit to Sydney as soon as we can book our next annual vacation. And would you like to know what’s on our bucket list? Are Wine, Chocolate, and Cheese a Temptation? Yes, we are planning to visit the oldest wine region in Australia with one visit Hunter Valley Tours and a bit of sand 4WD from a Port Stephens tours.

Stay in touch and we’ll be back to you soon with another adventurous trip. Goodbye for now (Sandy and Rush).


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