Britannia Industries is well prepared to handle the lockdown in Maharashtra following the surge in COVID-19 cases. During the March 24, 2020 national lockdown as a result of the pandemic, the biscuit major experienced significant disruptions affecting its factories, depots, means of transport and suppliers across the supply chain.

To prevent the situation from recurring last year, this year the company implemented time-limited technology solutions for better efficiency, coordination of operations and decision-making to ensure a better customer experience.

“We have enough of our distributors in stock to meet a possible surge in demand. We have also implemented a new real-time dealer management system that ensures fast order processing and therefore product availability at all times, ”said Varun Berry, Managing Director of Britannia Industries.

In addition, the brand mix is ​​prioritized in order to meet the different requirements in the regions of the country. This is supported by proper inventory management in our depots and factories. All of our factories are currently operating at optimal capacity to maximize what our brands have to offer, added the Britannia boss.

The pandemic crisis has devalued exchange rates, raw material and energy prices. The trade barriers and export restrictions affected world trade and had a negative impact on the markets. The lockdowns disrupted supply chains. .

During the March 2020 lockdown, Britannia assessed the impact and made changes to consumer preferences and sales models. In July, during the company’s first quarter results, Berry said, “Our number one priority has been to ensure the safety of our people and the ecosystem we work with, for which we have established clear and strict standard operating procedures and meticulously implemented them. We thank the sincere efforts of employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and healthcare workers to get through these times.

He also noted that the challenging phase got the best out of the team. This led the company to implement innovative ways of working in sales, supply chain and other support functions. Once the lockdown was eased, we focused on bringing our sales back to pre-Covid levels and increasing our reach in rural and hinterland areas. ”


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