Despite a worrying leap in coronavirus cases in several prominent cities Like New York and Detroit for the past few weeks, Governor Gavin Newsom said today, June 6th, that he believes the nation’s most populous state could be ready to „fully reopen” by June 15th.

„With more than 20 million vaccines administered across the state,” Newsom said. by LA Times„It’s time to turn the page of our animal system and try to reopen the California economy.”

The repeal of the state’s long-standing phased reopening plan, called Blueprint for a Safer EconomyThis would be a massive shift in public health policy and a longer lifespan for troubled small businesses, especially in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. Eliminating steps would likely mean little or no business constraints of any kind, from limited service capabilities for indoor dining rooms to shortened opening hours such as the current 10 p.m. limit for outdoor-only bars that do not serve food .

Of course, the June 15th date is just a marker for now. Currently, the Los Angeles and Orange counties are in the orange tier, the second lowest of four reopening tiers. San Diego and other counties will be entering the orange tier tomorrow. If COVID-19 hospital stays and case rates in LA continue to slowly decline, it is likely that the county will enter the least restrictive yellow tier by the end of this month, with a view to fully reopening on June 15 thereafter. Newsom noted that in addition to stabilizing COVID-19 case rates, the state would need continued low hospital stays and “adequate” supplies of vaccines for those eligible.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that all of Southern California will immediately go back to „normal” despite massive nationwide vaccination efforts. Newsom said certain protocols would likely stay in effect for the foreseeable future after June 15 – think an ongoing mask mandate – and it remains to be seen how the state will handle large public events like indoor concerts at that time.

Regardless, today’s encouraging news means that if the state’s current COVID-19 case numbers remain roughly constant or decrease, limited-capacity eating and drinking could be a thing of the past by early summer. The state is too Open vaccine tips Later that month to the vast majority of the state, and Newsom said today it would press for the eligibility to be lowered from 16 to 12 years once the Center for Disease Control proves the move.

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