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What If I told you that traveling is an activity that can change the world? Would you believe me? Well, you should believe me because I’m cute and I always say the truth, but if this is not enough you should trust the researchers who spend a lot of their time studying this phenomenon.

Why do you travel? This is the question that you have to answer when you plan a new trip. Are you interested in discovering new places, do you want to run away from something or do you want to do some soul-searching? Whatever the purpose you can be sure of the fact that you will come out of this experience completely changed.

You will become wiser, more patient, tolerant and more optimistic. Traveling teaches you not to take yourself so serious every second of the day and it shows the way you should enjoy life: with a big smile on your face, doing and receiving good.

How Can Traveling Improve the World?

“Tourism is the best sustainable way to bring down those walls and to create a sustainable way of connecting with each other and creating friendships.” This is a quote taken from a TedTalk given by the Palestinian activist Aziz Abu Sarah. The death of his brother who was murdered by Israelis made him bitter and revengeful. But after enrolling in a Hebrew class he got the opportunity to interact on a personal level with Jewish people. This made him realize that he had a lot of things in common with this people, encouraging him to forgive and bringing peace into his soul.

Besides teaching you how to be more tolerant, traveling can also teach your kids to have a humble attitude, gather new memories and learn a new language straight from the source. This is how you score all kinds of points when it comes to personal development.

The key to happiness and the way to contribute to a better world is to get around and meet new cultures. You will be surprised to discover that little, insignificant things can make the difference between the start of a new friendship and getting a person to think you are weird.

Don’t let your brain be locked by space. Leaving your comfort zone will never hurt you but at the same time it won’t bring anything new. And whether we like it or not, life evolves and we have to keep up with it. If not, we become just another symbol of the pathetic attempt to cling on to something that will never come back.

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I truly believe that traveling can open eyes and minds. It can give you that special feeling of freedom that everyone should have before going to bed at night. What do you think?

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