You there! Rise! Yes, you look like a person with intelligence and wit. A person with good judgment! Exactly the kind of person who will have no problem winning Guess which of these food network shows are real? That’s right, Food Network and the Cooking Channel did just revealed their new shows for the remainder of 2021some of which sound so fancy they must be fake! On the other hand, they may not be too ridiculous for the makers of Halloween freak show cake. Hop in and guess which of them will actually be on TV!

  1. Hungry for money: At this show, hosted by Kal Penn, “super tasters” with “deep culinary knowledge” compete against each other in escalating taste tests.
  2. Mind with most (Working title): Professional chefs are paired with psychics who channel past-life chefs for the recipes for dishes of yesteryear. Moderated by Theresa Cuto von Long Island Medium.
  3. Ben & Jerry’s: The Cold Wars (Working title): An ice cream competition show where teams of „future taste gurus” try to impress the ice cream company’s executives and win a grand prize.
  4. All A-Board !: Search for the next TikTok sensation: Hostess Ashley Tisdale travels the country to discover home cooks whose food videos are ready to go viral. The catch? They all need to be created on a board.
  5. Chocolate Melt: Hershey’s After Dark: Moderated by Sunny Anderson, pastry chefs are dropped off at the Hersheyland amusement park at night after all guests have gone home, and have to solve puzzles and mold chocolate between the abandoned rides.
  6. Spill the tea: Jonathan Van Ness evaluates this competition show in which chefs use increasingly creative ingredients in search of the perfect cup.
  7. Flavortown, USA: Viewers watch Guy Fieri take over an abandoned city in the American Midwest to build it into the ultimate Flavortown with four Guy’s American Grill locations.
  8. Salad spinner: In this new game show, created in partnership with Sweetgreen, participants spin a wheel collecting salad ingredients and have to make the „ultimate delicious bowl” out of whatever they get. Host Richard Blais.
  9. The globe: Chefs have to compete on „an immersive set of LED screens” that visually transport competitors to anywhere in the world, with Robert Irvine as host and cook Daniela Soto-Innes as jury.
  10. Pep Talk: A limited documentary series that focuses on the hottest peppers in the world, with DJ Khaled and David Attenborough (among others) as talking heads.
  11. Tiny food fight: Chef Darnell Ferguson and comedian Mamrie Hart have a little food contest, whatever that means.
  12. Chopped for dogs: Hosted by Rachael Ray, it is Chopped but you make dog food.

Oh, I’m so sorry! Hungry for money, Ben & Jerry’s, The Globe, Tiny food fight and the one where chocolate makers have to walk through an abandoned amusement park in the middle of the night are real shows indeed. Good luck next time!

De Dana

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