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Can You Match the Country with the Cuisine?

We are back to talking about food. It is such a delight to know that you can take advantage of all the diversity in this world. And what is even better is that all this diversity can bring you a lot of joy, especially when it comes to food. Gastronomy is still a magical domain where various combinations are possible and the tastes simply mix together in order to generate unbelievable experiences.

I must admit that up to now I believed that I knew a lot of things about foreign cuisines. After taking the following quiz it turned out I was wrong. If you are just as cocky as me, I suggest you take the following quiz and check for yourself whether you are a bad ass in cuisine or not.

Match the Country with the Cuisine: Pop Quiz

1. Escargot – there is a science that is related to growing snails for food. It’s called heliculture.

Photo source:

A. Italy

B. Spain

C. France

2. Massaman Curry – it’s an explosion of tastes that are normally related to spiciness.

Photo source:

A. India

B. Thailanda

C. Brazil

3. Patatas Bravas – one clue: these are potatoes. Delicious potatoes.

Photo source:

A. Spain

B. Peru

C. Brazil

4. Pie Floater – spoiler alert: this is not the usual Apple pie kind of food!

Photo source:

A. Ireland

B. Australia

C. United States

5. Soused Herring – if you are a fan of Jamie Oliver you will surely know the answer.

Photo source:
Photo source:

A. Sweden

B. Netherlands

C. England

6. Sarmale – they are pieces of heaven wrapped in tiny pieces of pickled cabbage.

Photo source:

A. Bulgaria

B. Croatia

C. Romania

7. Pabellon Criollo

Photo source:
Photo source:

A. Colombia

B. Venezuela

C. Peru

8. Shepard’s Pie – another type of pie that shouldn’t get you thinking about desserts.

Photo source:

A. Ireland

B. Scotland


9. Pupusa – something like tortilla, but not tortilla.

Photo source:

A. Mexic

B. Peru

C. El Salvador

10. Gyro – this country’s food is heaven for meat lovers.

Photo source:

A. Greece

B. Turkey

C. India

Correct answers: 1. C, 2. B, 3. A, 4. B, 5. B, 6. C, 7. B, 8. C, 9. C, 10. A

So… many did you get?