After a long journey with her husband and kids (lucky me), I’m back at my computer. I could not quite let go of my work on vacation. Because whether it’s somewhere in the jungles of Indonesia, the outback of Australia or a remote island in the Pacific; Nothing’s better thanContinue Reading


Tokyo is a very interesting city and a spectacular place with many neon lights. It is an enchanting food paradise, with eating opportunities ranging from fine dining restaurants to tasty snacks at the side of the roads. Depending on where we look for places to eat we could have veryContinue Reading


Indian food focuses on making dishes filled with flavour. You’ll find dishes for all tastes, whether you prefer milder kormas or hot bhunas. There’s something for everyone, but everything is yummy. You don’t need to order a takeaway or go to an authentic Indian restaurant though; you can make incredibleContinue Reading