Over the past year and a half, restaurant workers have reported an increase in harassment, abuse, and general discomfort from customers. In December, a study found that customers tipped when servers asked them to adhere to security protocols, and women reported being more likely to experience sexual harassment. Unfortunately, that trend seems to have continued to the point where a Brewster, Massachusetts restaurant closed for a „Kindness Day” after customers made its employees cry.

The Reports That Ce Cod was closed for a day after seeing an increase in rudeness and abuse from customers was the final straw of a customer berating staff for not being able to take their breakfast order when the restaurant was closed. A customer even told the stafff „I hope you get hit by a car.”

„As many of our guests and patrons treat us with kindness and understanding, there was an astronomical influx of people every day who didn’t do this, berated us, threatened us with lawsuits, argued and yelled at my employees, which made the team members cry.” t wrote on facebook on July 8th said they would take a day to thoroughly clean the staff, train them, and give staff a day of kindness. “Please remember that many of my employees are young, this is their first job or summer job to finance college. Due to the increased business volume, kitchen size, product availability and staff availability, we had to make adjustments, we’re not trying to ruin someone’s vacation or day off. „

You’d think after over a year of lockdown people would just be grateful to be able to order eggs in a restaurant again, but parentally not. Co-owner Brandi Felt Castellano said that Times, „People are always rude to restaurant staff, but that exceeds anything I’ve seen in my 20 years.” Many gave their support on Facebook, with some blaming the increasing rudeness of tourists visiting Ce Cod during the summer season or continued influence from Donald Trump.

Other beach resorts and tourist destinations have reported dealing with more legitimate, abusive customers. Employee at Pop Pop’s Pit BBQ in Myrtle Beach say it got so bad that they are now reading agreements to customers before they order, that if customers are rude more than once they are encouraged to leave. But customers everywhere seem to take it upon themselves to defraud food service workers, be it cheating restaurants out about free delivery or complaining about security protocols being followed.

Restaurants across the country face similar problems – staff shortages (in some cases because waiters still feel insecure working in restaurants and the low wages are not worth the risk), Food shortages, and inflation. Most have openly addressed these problems and asked customers to come to terms with longer waiting times, a shortened menu or restricted opening times. But as Khushbu Shah wrote for Food & Wine, must be expected Concept that „the customer is always right”, especially since the pandemic exacerbated the cruel treatment of the service staff. As one server Shah said, “We are expected to [customers] with above-average service, even if they are abusive. It gives us the feeling that we shouldn’t expect to be treated like a human. ”

Restaurants like t and stressed workers try to set boundaries. As a reminder, everyone is still struggling, and just because a state government said it was okay for restaurants to be open doesn’t mean things will go back to „normal” immediately. Be patient, be kind. Otherwise you will ruin it for everyone.

De Dana

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