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Cooking for Your Genes: Discover cutting-edge science, hassle-free, delicious recipes and eat your way to better health

Price: $5.94
(as of Apr 03,2021 09:18:18 UTC – Details)

Combining cutting-edge science and stress-free, delicious recipes, Cooking for Your Genes explores how food ‘talks’ to our genes. It looks at the interaction between biology and our genes, and how we can eat our way to better health.

Expert nutrigenomic practitioner Debbi Nathan and chef Helen Nathan guide you through the key biological pathways including:

Detoxification – Our internal cleaning system

Methylation – Energy production of our cells

Oxidative Stress – Plays an active role in the ageing process

Inflammation – Can lead to weight gain and more serious illnesses

With over 65 simple, nutritious recipes packed with flavour, you’ll find a range of dishes whether you’re cooking for one or a family of five.

Your environment, lifestyle choices and the food you eat all react with your genes. By personalising your nutrition, you can empower yourself to better understand any underlying health risks and eat to live a healthier life.