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Cosmopolitan and SATC for Rainy Days

The Cosmopolitan, formerly known as ‘Cosmo’ became famous due to the successful TV show ‘Sex and the City.’ Like with Manolo Blahnik, Carrie Bradshaw settled her signature with this pink drink served in martini glasses. In fact, this drink became so popular that in most bars it is not even in the menu because lots of customers ask for it and all bartenders know how to prepare it. If it wouldn’t contain vodka, Cosmo would be like warm milk for children!

Who Invented the Cosmopolitan?

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In this case everyone has a story to tell. Especially after a few Cosmopolitans when history starts to become a bit blurry. However, most tipsy drinkers agree that the Cosmo appeared around the mid 80s being prepared for the first time by Cheryl Cook, a bartender in Miami. Her intention was to create an attractive martini with a twist that can get women more excited about a night out. The original recipe used by Cheryl included Absolut Citron, Rose’s Lime and cranberry juice for the shade of pink.

But before Carrie, it was Madonna who introduced this drink to the high society after she was surprised sipping from a Cosmo glass at a Grammy party.

Another story claims that Dale DeGroff was the one who sampled this drink at the Fog City Diner, in San Francisco. The Rainbow Room got brighter when the mix of Cointreau, flamed orange peel and lime juice prepared by DeGroff captured everyone’s attention.

Variations of the Cosmopolitan Cocktail

As you might have noticed, the original recipe contained vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur and lime juice. But since all bars and bartenders have the liberty to let their imagination loose, many variations of the Cosmopolitan began to enter the market.

Among the most popular ones you can discover:

– the Cosmopolitan that includes citrus infused vodka for an extra kick;

– the blue Cosmo replaces the orange liqueur with blue curacao;

– the Cosmocello is the Italian version of the American drink substituting the lime juice with limoncello;

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– the Barbados Cosmopolitan replaces vodka with…. surprise: rum;

– the Cosmopolitan Morning is your excuse to drink in the morning. Just make sure your bartender knows he has to add vodka with coffee flavor;

The key to preparing a delicious drink is to keep the Martini glass into the freezer before using it, to use unsweetened cranberry juice and fresh lime juice. Shake this combination until it cools off and serve it with your favorite garnish.

Is Cosmopolitan one of your favorite drinks?