Would you like to book your next adventure? Or do you just want to leave reality behind?

Look no further than Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica – an outstanding Central American country.

It lives from the passion for life; Perhs its tastiest attribute and offers a vivid depiction of the jungle and coastline that is home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world.

And the best part is that you can see it all in a week.

We are limited to seven days and have a very tight budget. My sister and I flew to San Jose We stayed there one night before taking the bus and ferry to the west coast Montezuma (on the east side of the peninsula).

This was our first stop on our Costa Rica itinerary.

Costa Rica Itinerary


Our week in Costa Rica started with four days in Montezuma.

Where to stay in Montezuma

Luz en el Cielo-Eco B & B / Hostel. This place is unreal. It costs between $ 16- $ 20USD per night for a shared room, including hot breakfast. Not a bad price for a clean hostel in a spectacular location in the middle of the colorful jungle and just a short hop from the beach and town. They also have private dorms and cabanas.

The staff is great – extremely friendly and helpful, the showers are warm, and the hammocks are perfect for monkey and bird watching.

Book your stay here.

What to see in Montezuma

Montezuma is the epitome of hippie. Just walk 50 meters down from your hostel to the main street and you will see it for yourself. It attracts a multiethnic crowd of artistic and beach loving nature. Stalls selling handcrafted crafts and jewelry line the street, sarongs and artwork are on display, and beach-style cafes, bars, and restaurants provide the perfect setting to join the non-stop partying.

Costa Rica Itinerary, Montezuma Montezuma in Costa Rica

Montezuma Itinerary

Day one: hiking to waterfalls

You can’t visit Montezuma without hiking through the overgrown jungle to an opening where waterfalls fall into large natural ponds of cool, emerald green water. There are two large waterfalls – the tallest, around 14 meters high, which is often seen when Tico dips headfirst into the water from there.

For healthy and safe people who, however, do not lack an adventurous side – a rope swing and a small jumping rock ensure fun in the afternoon. The easiest way to get to the waterfall is via the dirt road that bypasses the city to the south. However, I suggest you take the other trail off the beaten path and use the vines to pull your way up the steep parts of the jungle. It is beautiful to see it that way and the view is spectacular.

Give yourself a full day to do this as you may want to explore the area around the falls.

Day two: Day trip to Tortuga Island

Everyone Day one excursion to Tortuga Island starts in the morning from MontezumaTake a 40-minute boat ride across pristine waters to your destination. The boat stops on two large rocks right on the beach.

Here you will discover an incredible underwater world Snorkel in the warm waters before heading to the main island for a fresh fish festival, a volleyball game or two, and a jet ski or banana boat ride.

Tortuga Island in Costa RicaTortuga Island in Costa Rica

Day three: Secluded beach day

You may need a helping hand to find these, but it’s worth watching if you can. A A 15-minute walk north along the rocky beach takes you from the populated main beach to a stunning, secluded spot surrounded by jungle and rocks.

You can spend the day soaking up the sun, rolling on the sleepy waves in the ocean, and hiking a short distance up the freshwater stream to a small opening for natural mud masks and a massage under a waterfall.

This is the perfect place to relax, Relax, read your book, or relax and forget about your worries.

Day four: Zipline through the treetops

Spend your last day in Montezuma Zip lining through the jungle canopy along with incredible wildlife on a canopy tour. This is fantastic. The zipper lining is like a flying fox, but you travel faster, longer and are buckled up. A perfect end to your Montezuma experience.

Montezuma in Costa RicaMontezuma in Costa Rica

Santa Teresa

Our next stop on our Costa Rica itinerary was Santa Teresa That is on the west side of the peninsula.

Places to stay in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a long stretch of coastline with restaurants, bars, small shops and jungle. It is the utopia of a surf lover, yoga fanatic and photographer. There are so many Hostels to choose from although we chose to stay away from the main part of town on the north end which was perfect for us as we wanted our last few days to be peaceful.

Look here for accommodation in Santa Teresa.

What to see in Santa Teresa

It is impossible to describe Santa Teresa in one word. It really is an absolute paradise. Spend your mornings and evenings walking 40 minutes to and from the other end of town, either along the beach or the dirt road, and you will stumble across some hidden gems.

The nice thing about Santa Teresa is that although it is defined by a long stretch of coastline, It is divided into separate beaches by rocks and bright green trees, perfect if you want to stay away from the main crowds.

Costa Rica Itinerary, Santa TeresaSanta Teresa in Costa Rica

Santa Teresa route

Day five: walk around town and beach

I can just recommend her Walk down the dirt road into town You immerse yourself in the many small shops selling sarongs, swimwear, jewelry, handicrafts and surfing gear.

Take a lunch break in one of the many “sodas” along the way, which you will pay back around 4 USD depending on the café of your choice.

There isn’t much to see in the main part of the city, so you may not want to spend your time looking around. Instead, I suggest you Go back along the beach and choose a beach bar to settle in a hammock Enjoy the afternoon with a mojito in hand as you watch the sun set over the surfers.

Day six: hit the waves

Grab a surfboard from your nearest rental and hit the waves. If you haven’t surfed before or are a beginner, make sure you don’t go alone as the currents are strong and cracks are sometimes common.

If you are experienced this is an absolute getaway as Santa Teresa is home World class wavesand many who have simply visited on one surfing Holidays in the past remained.

Book a surf lesson in Santa Teresa here.

Day seven: relax on the beach

Spend your last day in paradise and let yourself relax, unwind and relax somewhere on the beach. Don’t forget your camera as the setting is perfect for getting the perfect photo.

Choose a restaurant at night (Rocamar restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere with bean bags and hammocks to laze around) and lets the music transform itself into a state of bliss.

Want to discover more of Costa Rica? Here are some tips:

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