Reasons Why People Buy Custom Log Cabin Kits and Log Home Kits

We are witnessing increasing global pollution and numerous climate changes, which inevitably have an impact on the quality of life. And all of these global issues are caused by humans. In the chase for a comfort and material benefit, we unconsciously destroy the environment in which we live.

The intensive exploitation of fossil fuels and the production of energy-intensive building materials (cement, steel, plastics) emit harmful gases and contaminate the atmosphere. Considering that this is one of the burning problems of modern humanity, reducing the levels of pollution and pollutants should be our priorities.

In construction, natural building materials such as stone and wood are increasingly in use. Timber, in particular, has experienced a great comeback in recent years. Many people think ‘can I find some log cabin kits near me. And there are a number of good reasons for this.

Of all building materials, only wood binds carbon dioxide (reducing CO2 levels), helps maintain standards and technological development, and has a minimal environmental impact. Because of this, the importance of building wooden houses is greater today than ever before.

Ease of Construction

Building a log home using read-made kits is fast and can be done year-round, even at low temperatures. The high degree of prefabrication allows the installation of the cabins within a few days. Also, the time from the start of installation to moving in is several times shorter than in conventional construction.

Also, it is not necessary to hire a licensed constructor or to have a professional tool. With the use of log cabin kits, your DIY tendencies can come to the fore because, following assembly instructions, you can do much of the work on your own or with the help of family or friends. But you will probably need professionals for further installation of power and water supply.

During construction of your wooden home, since you are making it from scratch, you can make the necessary adjustments to get the living space you envisioned. Any changes in the existing facility may require additional costs, but personalizing log home is much easier and less expensive than traditional construction.

Financial Advantages

Let’s get this clear – by purchasing a log cabin kit, you’ve only done half the work. It means that the price you paid for the kit is only part of the budget you will need to finish your wooden dream house. However, when you put everything on the paper, it turns out that the total sum of dry construction will be lower than for a traditional wall house of the same dimensions.

This price difference is not significant, so it may not be a crucial factor in deciding what kind of living space you want for yourself. That is why you should look at the other advantages of log homes and cabins as well as the privileges of living in houses made of natural materials. Find out more about living in this type of home on this link.

High Resistance to Potential Hazards

Due to its excellent structural and insulating properties (the wood is solid and massive), the exterior wooden walls of log cabins and homes can be thinner than in traditional homes. This way, you’ll get extra space on the same outer dimensions of the facility.

Also, the wood showed excellent results in earthquake tests, as it has been proven that log cabins can withstand stronger concussions than brick-and-mortar homes. The low weight, pressure, and solidity of the wood make the timber facilities resistant to the impact of seismic force.

Although it is an excellent fuel by nature, the wood used in log cabins is fire resistant. Manufacturers have minimized the risk of fire by using fireproof coatings that strengthen the outer timber construction. As soon as the flame touch it, this fabricated wood gets a carbon layer on the surface that prevents the fire from penetrating deeper into the structure. That is why log houses are much safer and resistant than masonry construction.

Energy Savings

The construction of a wooden house not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also saves energy. Solid wood walls provide excellent thermal insulation and provide comfortable and healthy living conditions. Wood has a natural property to keep the heat, and it’s called thermal mass.

For more information about thermal characteristics of construction materials, including wood, visit the page below:

The energy efficiency of wooden homes and cabins will soon be reflected in your heating bill, which will be lower than usual. Wood houses require much less energy for heating and minimal energy loss. During the heating season, you will need less time to warm up the rooms. That implies lower consumption of fuels used for heating, and finally, lower expenses.

Another advantage of wood as a building material is that it breathes. In other words, it provides air flow in both directions and absorbs excessive damp from the air on the principle of self-regulation. They also release that moisture when the air is dry. All these properties of wood give a new quality of life and stay in log homes.

Lastly, we must mention the aesthetic value of wood in construction. Its rustic look is something impassable, so no trends can affect the popularity of log cabins and homes. You can equip them as you wish, according to the latest technological and design standards, and enjoy the modern environment in the traditional way.

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