If you’re looking for a way to see that Chianti vineyardsTry some delicious wine and hop off Florence check out for a couple of hours Tuscany bike tours.

While I was in Florence last summer my friends and I did their tour. It included rural transport to and from Florence, a tour of a castle, wine tasting, lunch, a water break and a bike tour. It’s worth every penny.

Here’s our experience cycling through Italy’s Chianti vineyards – from visiting a medieval castle to eating delicious local food.

Cycling through the Chianti vineyardsCycling through the Chianti vineyards

Cycling through the Chianti vineyards

On arrival on Chianti castleWe got a tour of the castle and saw the wine and olive oil production facilities. The tour included a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside where we would ride bikes later. The wine was delicious and the olive oil was amazing. All products are for sale at the end of the tour.

The guides helped everyone get a bike and helmet that would fit them. They made sure that every helmet fits properly and that the bike is adjusted to their height. The main concern was safety as we ride on roads used by cars throughout the trip and they made sure everyone knew they would be peeled off and ride in the van if their biking skills weren’t up to par. That warning was serious. Two of my friends didn’t ride bikes all the time because they were poor bikers, but they admitted they had a great time in the van.

The bike tour was absolutely breathtaking and about 12 miles long. The rolling green hills were on either side of the road. We passed countless vineyards and olive groves, some of which make the very same wine and olive oil that we tried at the castle. The first half of the drive was hilly but mostly downhill.

You can drive at your own pace. However, if you are too slow or too unsure, your guide will put you in the van. Lunch consisted of a huge variety of bread, pasta, salad, dessert and more wine. It was great to meet more people on the tour – as you don’t really talk a lot while cycling.

The second half of the bike tour started with 3 miles of flat roads. Then came a steep hill with a gradient of 11-17%. Most of the people walked up the hill or drove in a van, the brave went by bike. My tour guide said it was hard for him – so I signed off so I could enjoy the end of the tour on rolling hills. There was a water break upstairs before going back to the castle. Not only was it a nice ride, but also relaxing and a great workout.

It’s worth every penny and a different experience than anything else I’ve come across in my travels. I would recommend it to anyone who is in it, comfortable on a bike, and loves wine.

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