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Delicious Food In Sydney

When you ask me about the tags of Sydney food culture, I think they are regional features, seafood, high-end restaurants, Southeast Asian food, and beach restaurants. This land includes the cultures and food all over the world, and it creates new food inspirations. Sydney is paradise for food lovers.

Darling Harbour: The Dating Place

When you start driving from Sydney Fish Market, just after 5 minutes you will arrive at the Darling Harbour. You will never miss the fashion and modern of Darling Harbour. Here are full of shopping malls, museums, and all kinds of outdoor events to have Darling Harbour considered to be the first-class coastal resort.

Whether you are at lunch break or enjoy specialties, Darling Harbour will be your best option. There are more than 100 restaurants and full range of foods like spaghetti and hamburgers. Another big characteristic is that you can see the view of harbour everywhere.


Here at you can find the best hotel deal in Sydney. When the night comes, the hotels on the street light up, and it looks like a Beautiful Castle from a distance. There is a wide variety of delicious foods and drinks. The one of the most famous is a dessert named “Pavlova.” The cream is soft and virtually melts on the tongue, and it is served with a red cherry on the top, with a sour and sweet taste. In addition to the cherry, it also has some tasty fresh fruits. At this point, if you have a cocktail, it would be a nice and romantic night.

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