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The Internet has made the concept of traveling and planing a trip much easier. Really! If up to now one’s only choices were to visit a traveling agency or suspicious groups that planned tours from which you didn’t know if you were going to come out alive or not, now things have changed. For the best!

Now there are tons of websites very well created that can help travelers find the proper solution for their journeys whether it’s in terms of accommodation, clubs or places to eat. Are you anxious to discover which ones are the most attractive and useful? Take a look!

What 7 Travel Websites You Will Need in Your Travels?

1. – planing a trip overseas doesn’t have to be a pain „in your luggage” anymore. Saving on international travel has never been easier. You can choose the starting point and the end point and you will receive all the airlines that offer great deals on those routes. For instance, let’s say that you are searching a flight from Bangkok to Beijing. In this case the fastest results will be Hainan Airlines and China Eastern.

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2. Rome2rio – amazing site that helps you plan a voyage with time aspects in mind. How? Well if you insert into the interface of the site your home’s postcode and exact travel destination you will receive an estimation of the amount of time that one needs in order to get there. This is calculated taking into account different routes and means of transportation. So it’s perfect for travelers that don’t have time to waste!

3. Responsible Travel – finally a travel agency that has taken into consideration the importance of maintaining a clean environment for future generations. The services offered here focus on respecting the culture of the locals and the environment. They also support care for the health of the community and of planet Earth.

4. Foodspotting – All you have to do is write your location and the dish you crave to eat. This fantastic application then gives you the best places where you can eat the food of your desires and of course comes with reviews that can help you decide what and where to eat.  This app is perfect for those who travel with their kids or for foodies addicts. Yes, please!

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5. Spotted by Locals – this is a brilliant site which offers travelers a unique experience. It embodies 57 city guides from both Europe and North America that include tips from locals. And what better way to live your vacation than by visiting places suggested by locals. If they don’t know where the cool stuff are, then no one knows.

6. Travellr – this is a website which puts travelers in contact with experienced visitors. This way one can get their personalized type of advice on where to go out, where to eat, what hotels are better, what airport shuttles are cheaper and many other similar things. The perks of this site is that it offers genuine and accurate advice.

7. TripAdvisor – you probably know this one and you’ve used it at least once in your travels. This is the place to come if you want to read hotel reviews coming from both professionals and amateurs. So you know you’ll find something to satisfy your needs. You just have to insert your destination and in the shortest time you will receive a list of hotels, vacation rentals, bed and breakfast, etc. The advantage is that you get variety in terms of recommendations and suggestions but the disadvantage is that you will also get a lot of useless opinions from lodgings that want to lift their average number of points and come up with false reviews.

What do you think of these websites? Do you have any similar suggestions? Don’t forget: sharing is caring!

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