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Diet-Free for Life: A Revolutionary Food, Fitness, and Mindset Makeover to Maximize Fat Loss

Price: $9.51
(as of Mar 27,2021 19:24:52 UTC – Details)

"…a simple plan … yielding easy ways to of eating that let (anyone) make peace with carbs and melt fat in the process."
First for Women

Fitness and diet expert Robert Ferguson offers a weight-loss program that shifts fat storing to fat burning. Ferguson’s plan teaches readers how to customize their meals to include fast and slow carbs, protein and fat, and get immediate and sustainable results. This 21-day Mindset Makeover includes:

  • A guide to eliminate wrong-headed diet mindsets
  • Daily prompts to sustain the plan
  • Nutrition and exercise tips
  • Simple recipes to create fat-burning meals
  • Advice for shopping and eating-out