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Digger: A Memoir

Digger: A Memoir

Price: $9.51
(as of Apr 25,2021 15:56:27 UTC – Details)

A remarkable and inspiring memoir of the author’s suspense-filled journey to unmask family secrets in order to find the truth at the core of her existence: whether she had a twin sister from whom she was separated at birth.

Digger is an astonishing story, beautifully written, full of suspense, and threaded with the insight and wisdom of the author who has devoted her life to finding the truth of a family secret – whether or not she had a twin. Thrilling, inspiring, and deeply poignant, this is also a story about the search for wholeness, that longing of the heart which is universal.
Words cannot convey the power of this memoir – its dramatic momentum, mystical threads, and profound understanding of human nature and familial relationships. Digger is a landmark book, a remarkable achievement which deserves the highest possible recommendation.
Author of Ten Thousand Joys & Ten Thousand Sorrows: a Couple’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s and Aging with Wisdom: Reflections, Stories & Teachings.

In Digger, Barbara McCollough brings clarity and immediacy to a very complex, layered story. A gifted observer of people in relationships; she knows what they show and what they hide; she knows what they know but refuse to acknowledge. In Digger we see how people give themselves away, but of course, what we really see is McCollough giving us these people giving themselves away — through gestures, dialogue, silences — in other words, through ART. Brava!
Author of Half the House and Love & Fury.

With as much rich compassion as compelling investigation, Barbara McCollough has given us a gorgeously wrought memoir that you won’t want to put down, one that you’ll never forget.
Internationally Bestselling Author of Splinters of Light, A Life in Stitches, and Pack Up the Moon.