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Dreaming in Cuban: The Story of Mojito

Nowadays, whether we are at the beach, in a bar or out for lunch on a busy Wednesday, a Mojito is what you need. This is one of the most popular drinks around the world due to its flexibility. You can drink it when you are out partying or you can drink it when you are stressed out of your mind.

Mojito is actually the spelling for vacation, relaxation and fun. And it is actually magic because it changes your mood and brings happiness to those who consume it moderately. Not to mention that it’s a refreshing drink on a hot summer afternoon. Are you ready to know more about the history of this delicious drink?

6 Interesting Facts about Mojito

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1. It comes from a beautiful island from Cuba and it can be named the nation’s oldest drink.

2. Apparently Sir Francis Drake landed in Havana where he wanted to dig out all the gold from the island. His greedy actions were unsuccessful and to drown his sorrow he created a drink called ‘El Draque.’ This was a draft of the contemporary Mojito being made out of aguardiente (a type of rum), mint, lime and sugar.

3. Another story says that the drink was invented by the African slaves that worked on the sugar cane fields. Taking into account that the name comes from the African word ‘mojo’ which means ‘casting a spell’ we tend to believe this story.

4. And then it was the Prohibition. Havana’s progress made it America’s favorite drink going from slaves and farmers to the working-class beaches who wanted to taste the fun (or the rainbow). A bit of carbonated water, some ice and tall glasses transformed Mojito from sloppy Cinderella into a popular little princess.

5. The literary world also brought its contribution to the fame of this cocktail. After visiting ‘La Bodeguita del Medio,’ a bar in Cuba, Ernest Hemingway fell in love with this drink and brought it to Florida. Do you think there’s a reason why the literary world and booze are always correlated?

6. The appearance of the Bacardi company around the mid 1800’s boosted the popularity of the Mojito. As a result, nowadays we can enjoy a Mojito Bacardi from the comfort of our own home.

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Since you’ve been so patient to last until the end I am going to be a doll and give you the authentic recipe of the Mojito.

Delicious Mojito recipe

Start by preparing the ingredients making sure they are fresh. The next step is to blend mint leaves with cane sugar adding a bit of lime juice (freshly-squeezed). Mash everything gently with a muddler without shredding the ingredients. You want them to give the right flavor while still remaining whole.

Now pour the white rum over this mixture and stir well for the sugar to melt. Add some sparkling water and ice cubes.  Decorate with mint leaves and lime slices and throw the party of your dreams.

There are many variations to the authentic recipe depending on the alcohol used to prepare it: Mexican (tequila), Virgin (no alcohol), Greek (Metaxa), Royal (Champagne instead of soda) or Malibu (coconut flavor) Mojito. Which one is your favorite?

But for the right party what would you choose between Mojito, Martini and Manhattan ?