Drink Your Cider and Learn Its History

Apple cider is one of the most famous drinks around the world. People enjoy its ravishing taste in bars, local farms and even at home. Although apples are known as the main source used for the production of this drink but those who don’t like apples so much should know that pears and plums can also be used.

Now while you get your own glass of apple cider I’m going to lay out some interesting facts about this interesting drink. Some are really surprising so make sure you don’t miss them. Drink your cider and come join us!

What You Didn’t Know about Cider

Photo source: makeupandbeauty.com
Photo source: makeupandbeauty.com
  • during the 14th century, children were baptized in cider because it was believed to have less bacteria than water.
  • between the 1600s and the 1800s, the best cider was made by the British estate owner. Workers fought to get a job here because a great part of the wages they received was cider. But this miracle didn’t last for long because in 1887 a law (Truck Amendment Act) was adopted and it became illegal for them to receive this type of compensation.
  • a type of cider made out of pears, named Perry was the solution for the times of war when wine was hard to get. Landowners used Perry to replace champagne which came from countries like Portugal or France and which were often in war with the UK.
  • you need a lot of apples to make cider. FromĀ 36 pieces of fruit you get approximately one gallon of quality cider.
  • despite its British origins, the most cider per capita is consumed in Spain, especially in the Basque area, in Asturias.
  • by the time the American Revolution began, one in every 10 farms located in New England had its own cider mill. Classy!
  • and apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what about apple cider? Apparently it has the same effect because president John Adams drank a tankard of cider every morning and he got to live to 90. So something must be right!
  • lots of cocktails contain cider because it has high levels of acidity which blend well with other drinks taming the bitterness.

Worst vs. Best

Photo source: gimmesomeoven.com
Photo source: gimmesomeoven.com

According to Paste Magazine the worst cider they had was Kopparberg Strawberry because it was too damn sweet. On the other hand, the best cider they tasted was Samuel Smith’s Organic because it was as they said, “perfectly balanced.”

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