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It has happened to me, to you and to many other people. Getting lost in the airport is nothing to be ashamed of. Especially if the airport is huge and poorly equipped with relevant signs. This is why the Dubai app is not only ingenious but also kind of cool, making you think of the bright technological future ahead of us.

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How Dubai App Can Help You Have a Good Flight

The Dubai app is really an excellent application that can ease the process of traveling. It includes vital information about Dubai International and Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central. This information is displayed in both English and Arabic, making its usage easier for a wider category of people.

This app features lots of functions that can be personalized according to the passenger’s desires and needs. These are meant to create a unique flying experience and at the same time, help the passenger put to better use the time spent at the airport.

Why Is Dubai App Helpful?

The utility of this application comes from its multiple functions:

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  • Find Your Flight – by entering their flight number passengers can receive lots of details about their journey and the time left until boarding.
  • Updates – passengers can select this function in order to receive updates related to gate changes, boarding times, check-in opening, etc.
  • Flight Radar 24 – this is a flight tracking service that offers information regarding the status of a certain flight. With the luck some airlines have had recently, I’d say this is a good choice.
  • 3-D maps – this feature allows users to pinpoint all bars, cafes, shopping areas to their maps, economizing time, energy and nerves.
  • Before you Fly – this function prepares people for their journey in or through Dubai. It gives them details regarding visa information, luggage regulations or any additional things they might need to know.
  • While you are here – taking into account that both airports are huge and have plenty of entertainment areas to show, people are in need of wider information. Thus, this function offers details about various services (dinning, shopping, relaxation, spa, etc.) implemented in the two airports.

Although awesome, the Dubai app is not even close to being finished. Its creators are thrilled to announce that they are planning on improving it with a broad range of useful services. If you are curious to discover more info on this app you can visit

If we are to think that there are airports that make us scream with pain every time we use them, the Dubai app comes as a bright angel to our rescue. And turns the Dubai airports into badass aristocrats as opposed to other regular ‘mortals.’

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