East to Zero: Overland across Asia on a motorbike

East to Zero: Overland across Asia on a motorbike

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The highly anticipated second half of the story of the author’s 2016 – 17 solo motorbike trip around the world.

Following a difficult trip through parts of Africa, as chronicled in his first book, The Unseen Walls, this introverted explorer continues his geophilosophical journey throughout parts of Asia with his beloved motorbike Glory. 

While furiously racing himself more than 12,000 miles across parts of Southeast Asia, India and China, he tries to maintain his mental health as he travels far outside of his comfort zone and deep into the reaches of his mind. Here, he roams without borders or laws, across the full construct of thought, to begin seeing the world in a very different way. Unintentionally inspired by Pol Pot, he develops an unorthodox view on the potential evolution of humankind.

More than just a travelogue of fascinating reflections and encounters while riding through beautiful landscapes, East to Zero is a forthright and meaningful journey into the meaninglessness of life. Few are willing to reveal their radical and personal thoughts, as Christian does, with such honesty.

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