Eater San Francisco is seeking a senior editor to lead coverage of dining and food culture across the Bay Area. Over the past year, the website has covered a number of reports: How the California wildfires affected Na and Sonoma counties wineries and restaurants to further advancing Black and Asian unity in Oakland Chinatown, from deep dives into obsessive Quesabirria -Bay Area culture through to Countless stories of restaurants opening, closing and turning during the pandemic. The scope of coverage of food and restaurants has never been greater, and Eater SF is deeply interested in a range of topics: from big philosophical questions to how big tech shapes neighborhoods and where workers’ rights are amidst standing in line with ongoing industry accounts.

Eater’s Ideal Candidate will have extensive editing and reporting experience, as well as a clear strategy for defining who and what matters in the Bay Area food world. Obsessed with the quirks of the Bay Area food culture, restaurants, and neighborhoods, you’ll tell stories that recognize the complexities of the San Francisco and East Bay dining scene – whether they unpack the material changes and justice within the Bay Area industry or ensure that Eater SF’s MS speak to the various Bay Area communities. The editor in this role will lead a small team of editors and reporters. Work with this team to develop and implement a basic vision for the site. be a leading voice in conversations around the Bay Area dining scene; and design, assign, edit, write, and report original stories and functions that appeal to the Bay Area communities.

If this all sounds exciting, go for it Vox Media job posting and follow the directions, including a cover letter and résumé. This is a full time position with Vox Media Union, represented by the Writers Guild of America, East, with excellent benefits.

De Dana

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