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Eco-friendly gift ideas for eco-conscious travelers

As travelers, we love to explore our beautiful planet. Associated with this is the responsibility to do our best to reduce the negative effects of our actions. Travelers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious about the products they use – on the path of being an environmentally conscious traveler.

The good news is that there are so many products out there that are designed with the green traveler in mind. More and more companies are creating wonderful eco-friendly travel items and accessories to help eco-conscious travelers reduce their footprint when traveling the world.

Whether it’s a Christmas present, birthday present, wedding present or parting present – we will help you find it perfect eco-friendly gift for the eco-conscious traveler in your life!

Here are the Travel Dude team’s favorite eco-friendly gift ideas for the eco-conscious traveler!

Eco-friendly gifts for all travelers

From recycled gifts to sustainable and ethical gifts, below is a list of great one-of-a-kind travel gifts for all the eco-conscious traveler. Including travel gifts for men and travel gifts for women.

Eco-friendly toiletries

Buying travel size toiletries is so unnecessary! Some alternative toiletries to buy include:

Eco-friendly gift ideas for eco-conscious travelersBamboo toothbrushes

Scrubba wash bag

Backpackers or travelers who want to pack light often wash their clothes while traveling. The Scrubba wash bag is a useful item for laundry on the go as you can wash your clothes pretty much anywhere you can find water. You save excessive water consumption in traditional washing and expensive laundry costs in hotels.

Collsible coffee cup and water bottle

Coffee lovers will love getting a collapsible coffee mug. Because it’s collapsible, it doesn’t take up much space when not in use – great for on the go! The same goes for a collapsible water bottle.

We love that Stojo collectable coffee mugs and the CHICMODA collapsible / foldable water bottle. For environmentally conscious travelers who frequently travel to areas with unsafe drinking water, bottles with a purification system (not just a filtration system) may be a better gift option. Two popular options are Grayl and LifeStraw.

Reusable straws

While more restaurants and bars are throwing away plastic straws thanks to the global #NoMoreStraws movement, it’s still a good idea to have your own reusable straws with you when you travel. They’re great for whipping while sipping your pina coladas on the beach, or for families traveling with kids.

look at that 12 pack bamboo straws (handmade in Bali and comes with a cleaner and pouch bag) or these handy ones reusable straws (They also come with a cleaning brush).

Multipurpose travel towel

Quick-drying towels are a lifesaver when traveling. A quick-drying, antimicrobial towel made from eco-friendly fibers like this Enter bamboo towel is an all-in-one option. Not only is this convenient when traveling as it folds up very small, but it also means less washing which is better for the planet.

Reusable food containers and cutlery

In countries with a strong street food culture, it is almost impossible not to have single use bags and containers. This is of course the case if you don’t have your own reusable containers that you can use instead. The collapsible silicone food container reuse are great. We also love the reusable silicone grocery bags from Stasher – These are great for packing snacks for a hike or long bus ride.

Snack containers often come with plastic cutlery as well – both of which are pretty useless and usually not properly recycled. Bring your travel companions a set of reusable cutlery to take with you on your travels. The Light my fire spork is a great option along with this Bamboo cutlery set it rolls up in a neat bag (it even contains a pair of chopsticks!)!

Eco-friendly gift ideas for travelersReusable food containers and cutlery

Solar Battery Charger

Finding a way to keep your gear charged can be a problem for travelers on the road – especially during long bus / train journeys or hiking off the grid. The Anker PowerPort Solar uses the sun’s energy so you can charge your gear. Other options for solar chargers are from in theswise or Walkal zero.

This makes a great eco gift for active travelers who spend a lot of time outdoors. A solar charger is really a gift that keeps giving!

Sustainable backpacks

Whether for stays, day trips while traveling, backpacking or as hand luggage – for many travelers it is important to find a well-made and versatile backpack. Cotopaxi is one of the best companies on the market that makes well-made backpacks and gives back with its poverty reduction project.

Ethnotek is another great company focused on keeping culture alive by making high quality ltop and travel bags with handcrafted textiles from ethical sources. By purchasing one of her bags, she will get a job in the art of hand printing, weaving and embroidery with her partner villages in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Read our post on the functional and stylish daypacks for more inspiration.


If there’s one thing that all travelers need, it’s good headphones. Long flights, bus rides, and train rides get much better with your own jams playing in your ears. The House of Marley headphones are made from recycled plastics, metals and bamboo – it’s the perfect sustainable gift.

Eco-friendly travel gifts for women

Looking for the best travel gifts for her? Make sure they are environmentally friendly too!

Menstrual cup

With this reusable menstrual cup, women can have an environmentally friendly time. They also make your periods so much easier when you travel! Ladies – get one of these for both yourself and your female travel companions! It may take you a while to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t be looking back. Did you know that using one menstrual cup for a year can save you wasting over 200 single-use products ?!

There are many different menstrual cups on the market – browse the options Here. Or, save time and check out the most popular ones, including the RubyCup, glasses or Diva cup. For every RubyCup sold, they donate a menstrual cup to someone who does not have access to safe products.

Reusable makeup wipes

Disposable makeup wipes are an environmental nightmare! They’re not biodegradable and also filled with nasty chemicals. These reusable bamboo makeup remover pads are a great alternative – and they come with non-latex makeup sponges.

And if your traveling beast can’t do without towels, this is it Face and body wipes are a great ethical gift. The Ode to Clean wipes are free from fragrances, allergens and toxins. They are completely vegetable, biodegradable, and are made from wind power.

Causes and experiences

Giving doesn’t always have to be a physical product. Another great gift idea for the eco-conscious traveler is giving experiences or donating for a specific purpose. Donate to an environmental cause your friend cares about – it can be a conservation project, animal welfare, or environmental education and research.

Alternatively, book an environmentally conscious trip or experience wherever your next trip will be. G Adventures has a strong focus on responsible travel with lots of great eco-conscious trips around the world. Read more about their initiatives Here.

Intrepid Travel is another tour operator with a strong presence responsible travel policy – They offer lots of trips around the world. Gift card options are available for both G Adventures and Intrepid Travel.

We also love the idea behind that Sparkling gift box! The recipient can choose from a huge list of the world’s most impressive travel experiences. From skydiving in Singore to riding adventures in Puerto Rico!

Gift cards

Another great idea is to give away gift cards for online services that will allow your green travel buddy to enjoy their travels more. Enter Amazon gift card, a Kindle gift card, a Acoustic subscription or a Spotify gift card.