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Elanpro invests in Icold Refrigeration, specializing in cold chain storage

Elanpro (Elan Professionals Pvt. Ltd.), one of the leading commercial refrigeration companies in India, recently incorporated Icold Refrigeration Pvt. invested. Ltd., a company specializing in cold storage.

The brand took over the majority of the company. With this investment, the brand strengthens its business objective and enters the cold chain storage segment across India. In addition, the brand will create significant added value for its business partners and establish itself as a true comprehensive supplier of refrigeration systems in India.

With a dominance in HoReCa segments, the company is one of the leading providers of refrigerated and freezer rooms. Through the cooperation with various leading hotel chains such as Oberoi, ITC, Taj, the company has built a strong foothold throughout India. The company is also present in the Middle East, Nepal and Bhutan. The brand has taken a step forward and made an investment not only to expand its business reach in India but also to pave the way to penetrate its presence in the Middle East market.

The new reforms and policies and the huge attraction of tourism have rejuvenated the Middle East market and attracted the attention of foreign investors. Hence, these factors will bring tremendous benefits for the brand to establish its presence in the overseas market.

In India, the prevalence of cold stores has increased significantly after the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines. Because these vaccines are temperature sensitive, they tend to be stored in safe, effective, and efficient locations.

Therefore, the Indian government and private actors have taken a huge step to ensure safety and facilitate vaccination campaigns in India. Art from vaccine storage, cold stores are widespread in retail or in the HoReCa sector. According to the UN, around 40% of the food produced in India is wasted and two of the most important factors are inadequate cold storage and transportation systems.

Operating in both the HoReCa and biomedical segments, the brand has recognized the barriers and has led to the investment and acquisition of companies that have greater impact and growth potential. Efficient cold storage requires reliable, safe and potential products that are equipped with world-class technology and enhanced features.

Driven by the overarching mission to bring world-class technology to its end customers, the brand has aggressively focused on adding cold chain storage to its product portfolio. The company actively participated and invested in the company not only to streamline the problem of vaccine storage, but also to minimize the loss of food or other pharmaceutical products.

Ranjan Jain, Director of Elanpro, said, “At Elanpro we want to expand and grow our business with innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of our end users. As we observe and understand the importance of cold chain storage, we have been proactive in partnering with or partnering with similar companies. We are pleased to announce our cooperation with Icold Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd., which will play a significant role in the future of cold chain storage in India. The industry perspective of the cold chain has been revolutionized and diversified and will soon become a trend that will determine the future of the healthcare system. In addition, it will also have a significant impact on the hospitality and retail sectors, where customers prefer end-to-end cooling solutions from a single provider. At Elanpro we continuously strive for operational excellence and hope that this association will serve as a differentiator. „