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Emart Photography LED Continuous Light Lamp 5500K Portable Camera Photo Lighting for Table Top Studio – 2 Sets

Price: $22.99
(as of Mar 07,2021 12:47:48 UTC – Details)

Product Description

table toptable top


(4) x Gel Filter for LED Light

2 Orange color Gel Filter Change the Kelvin Temperature to higher than 5500K

2 Blue color Gel Filter Change the Kelvin Temperature to lower than 5500K

(2) x High Output Table Top Photography LED Light Stand

Lumen: 570-600 lm (equal to 70W incandescent bulb output)

Beam angle: 180 Degree

Eliminate unexpected shadows

Height: 10.2″

LED quantity: 12

This light Ideal for work in a small studio space and demand high quality photography. Such as makeup, Jewelry shooting etc.


(1) To be safe when installing and changing Gel Filter, disconnect the electricity first.

(2) Not to leave these on for over an hour.

table top lighttable top light

Double light shot, uniform light, light up the whole item,

highlighting whole detail of the item

photography lightphotography light

Single light shot shadows contrast strongly with the bright,

part of the subject. In this case, it is  often to get a graceful shape or a sense of reality.







Orange color gel filter, the clarity of saturation makes photography more comfortable

Blue color gel filter, highlights the texture and detail of the picture

White color gel filter, to restore true colors

New Design: The retractable bracket which has new spring design can neatly be folded away into the base of the light itself for quicker and more convenient storage.
LED Table Top Studio: 12 LED / 600 lm / 90+ CRI. The lamp head swivels up and down 180 degrees, so you can adjust your light beam to the perfect angle.
5500k High Output: Eliminate superfluous shadows for excellent and even color temperature and clarity for digital photography. Two color gel filters can change the kelvin temperature for cooler or warmer photos.
Fit most of table top studio photo shooting tent light cube diffusion softbox. Perfect daylight temperature for professional images. For toy, baking, jewelry, etc photography and still photos.
What You Will Get: (2) x High Output Table Top Photography LED Light Stand / (2) x Orange Color Gel Filter for LED Light / (2) x Blue Color Gel Filter for LED Light / 24-hour customer service / 18 months after-sales quality assurance.