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End the Yo-Yo: The Eat As Much As You Want System

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(as of Mar 13,2021 03:56:04 UTC – Details)

Permanent Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight and keep it off without a struggle. In the 1950s, only 5.8% of US adults were obese. Now, that number is over 42%, and most of the rest are overweight.

What changed? Not our genetics. Not our willpower. Yet 80% of adults who now lose a lot of weight gain it back. This is not psychological. It’s biological.

Scientists blame our modern society: Fad diets, sugar addictions, and processed foods cause hormone systems to short-circuit, slow down metabolisms, and prompt urges to binge. Low carbs, intermittent fasting, calorie counting and anti-inflammatory diets can result in rapid weight loss, but most people are not able to sustain the losses.

Don’t measure effectiveness of a weight loss program by how fast you lose weight. Measure it by whether you keep the weight off permanently while also improving health, longevity and quality of life.

The solution to the yo-yo is natural and without deprivation. It’s proven, research-based, and common sense. The science is easy-to-understand, served up along with entertaining anecdotes, and backed by over 200 footnotes. Learn to thoroughly satisfy hunger with fewer calories than you burn. Never yo-yo again.