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Expert Tips On How To Eat Clean When Traveling

Sticking to a good diet is difficult at the best of times, and when you’re traveling, it becomes even harder. Your sleep schedule takes a hit, your grooming regime goes out the window and the less said about your diet the better.

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That’s because traveling and holidays remove focus from our everyday lives, and make us less concerned about them. I’m sure you don’t give a damn about your diet when you’re soaking up the sun rays, but this isn’t good. You will have to return home one day, so would you rather do it with a few extra pounds or not?

Load up in the morning

Whether you’re in an all-inclusive hotel or are cooking for yourself, eating more in the morning sets you up nicely. The more you eat at an earlier time, the longer you have to digest it before bed. Plus, this makes you less hungry later on, staving off that ‘boredom eating’ that has claimed many a waistline.

This is assuming you can afford the time to eat a big meal in the morning. If you’re traveling, I’m guessing you won’t be getting up for work so it’s likely you can spare the 30 or 40 minutes.

Use YouTube

The last thing you want when bouncing from hotel to hotel is to read through a lengthy, text-heavy recipe. You could be pressed for time, and in dire need or producing a solid meal under pressure. YouTube to the rescue!

The site can offer you thousands of two or three minute clips that show you how to make tasty meals. These range from sources like Hampton Creek recipes on video to the random uploads of an aspiring vlogger, so have a look around! If you’re in a hotel that lets you cook and have little time, a video can help you digest recipes more easily than text can.

Write a meal schedule

If you don’t have some food and meal ideas in mind before you leave, you’ll have to make it up as you go along. This will only result in a messy meal schedule, rather than the mapped out process that it should be.

So if you’re traveling for one week or one month, spend an hour or two to lay out your food. Will you eat in a restaurant on Tuesday, and cook at your hotel on Saturday? Is there a store nearby for you to buy ingredients? Can you produce meals using the hotel’s facilities?

While it’s true you can’t account for every eventuality, a meal plan at least gives you a solid foundation. Sites like the Daily Burn and programs like Excel can offer you meal plan templates, so consider building one.

Pack healthy, long lasting snacks

This ensures that you don’t go crazy at the airport, or the local convenience store. If you know you have a long trip ahead, pack foods like nuts and dried fruit that can last ages. Sandwiches are nice, but halfway through a flight they’ll probably be warm and soggy.

Use resealable tupperware containers and ziploc bags, to keep all your snacks fresh. This way, you won’t be tempted to buy any fast food or junk food when you’re out and about. You’ll also save money too, which isn’t something to sniff at after paying for a pricey trip.