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The people who know us a little, know that we prefer to combine two things: traveling and eating. If we are not traveling, we would like to take the distant countries a little closer to us, for example by making spicy curries. In our bookcase you will find a shelf full of cookbooks from all over the world. Today we are going to share some of our favorite cookbooks for travelers.

Green Kitchen Travels

We have been a fan of the inspiring Green Kitchen family for years and when I got their cookbook for my birthday, we immediately started trying out their favorite recipes. The dishes in the book come from countries such as Sri Lanka, Mexico, India and Morocco. They are always simple and – very important – healthy, vegetarian and pure.


World Food Cafe

This book was already in our closet in the America and stood for more than a year with my parents in the attic. Now we have him back in Oslo and we still like to cook the vegetarian recipes from the different parts of the world. It is, again, based on the travels of the authors and they share a lot of background information with the reader. Delicious!


Camp Cookbook

We gave this book to Freek’s parents when they bought a camper and of course also dived into the book. It contains all kinds of super simple recipes that you can use – even with a simple basic shopping list – in a camper kitchen . The recipes are interspersed with camping and cooking tips.


India Cookbook

This enormous book is full of recipes from Indian cuisine and focuses on dishes from all over the country. Meat and fish dishes alternate with vegetables and you will find a great amount of basic recipes in the book.



If you’re comfortable with the luxury of a fully equipped kitchen, you’ll have to get used to cooking all your dishes on one cooking pot, air fryer or even an authentic wood fire. But do not worry: once you have mastered the tricks of camping cooking, you can easily shake the most culinary gems out of your sleeve.

If you want to eat healthier then you have to put some more money. This also applies with a hot air fryer. A good hot air fryer costs between 140 and 200 dollars. That is a huge amount of money, but remember that such a pan has many advantages. So try your best to bring a small hot air fryer for happy cooking!

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