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FBOs must adhere to the FSSAI standards and parameters for breakfast cereals by January 1st

In accordance with the recently notified First Amendment Regulations (2021) for Food Products Standards and Food Additives, the FSSAI has issued regulations for breakfast cereals and established parameters that these products must comply with.

The FBOs (Food Business Operators) have been asked to comply with these regulations by January 1, 2022.

According to the registered regulation, breakfast cereals refer to ready-to-eat and quickly or regularly prepared cereal products. Examples include: puffed, powdered, flake, cereal or cereal products, multigrain breakfast cereals (e.g. rice, wheat, oats, millet, barley, legumes, corn, etc.), ready-to-eat or cooked cereal products made from soy or edible bran, muesli breakfast cereals, muesli bars, muesli and extruded breakfast cereals made from cereal flour or powder or meals.

This category also includes ready-to-eat or instant cooking of broken or flattened grains that are sold as porridge, the communication says.

The notice states that breakfast cereals can be prepared by one or more methods that include boiling, frying, peeling, baking, frying, puffing, pearling and extruding or coextruding, etc., with chocolate, fruits, vegetables, nuts, or any other such nutritious fillings with a sweet or savory taste.

Breakfast cereals can also be made from one or more ground / whole grain products and mixed with the products of one or more legumes, seeds, edible tubers or pseudo-grains with or without the addition of suitable flavorings, spices or spices, extracts, spices, malt derivatives, nutritious and natural sweeteners , Salt, dried or candied fruits, fruit solids / extracts or concentrates, vegetables and their dried formats or extracts, nuts, cocoa and its products, maltodextrin, milk and its derivatives and other ingredients according to the Food Safety Regulations and Standards, 2011.

The communication also states that in the case of whole grain breakfast cereals, the minimum amount of whole grain must be 25% based on the dry weight. The product must contain grain / pseudo-grain / grain when put together as the first ingredient in the list of ingredients.

And the grains and other ingredients used in the processing of breakfast cereals must be of good quality and have a characteristic taste and smell.

The parameters for breakfast cereals do not include more than 7.5% moisture content (mass%), while for products containing dehydrated or candied fruits, seeds, nuts, whole grains, etc., -10.0% and the acid-insoluble ash in dilute HCl not be more than 0.1%.