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Five Amazing Places In America To Visit

America, the land of the free. If you are planning a visit to the USA, you won’t want to miss out of the impressive places I have listed for you below. Try and fit as many in as you can, to be guaranteed some fantastic holiday memories and photos.

New York

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Whether you know it as The Big Apple or The City That Never Sleeps, New York is at the top of many people’s travel wish lists. There is so much to do there. You could visit Central Park, catch a baseball game at Madison Square Gardens or visit the Guggenheim. There is also some serious eats to be had. Try a pastrami on rye for an authentic New York taste. The nightlife isn’t shoddy either. Catch a show, go to a club or hang out at a bar, the choices are endless and ever changing. Don’t forget to visit some of the more famous districts like Manhattan and Coney Island. Where you can get funnel cakes a and take a ride on the ferris wheel.

Yellowstone Park

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If getting back to nature is more your thing than a city break, why not visit the iconic Yellowstone National Park? Try some bear spotting, but remember, don’t feed them! Of course, no trip to Yellowstone would be complete with a visit to Old Faithful.  There are also hot springs that you can swim in, check the guide here. You can also hike, whitewater raft and extend you stay by camping in the park. Other activities include being an archaeologist for a day and hunting for some dinosaur fossils or take a trip to Yellowstone Canyon to see the awesome water fall.

San Francisco

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One of the most iconic cities in America is San Francisco and it is a great holiday choice. It is geared up to cater for travellers from all over the world, even the San Francisco airport parking is a breeze, with a valet service. Once you’re got past the airport, try heading to one the famous attractions. You could try the Golden Gate Bridge, take a winding car ride up Lombard street or what about the Alcatraz tour? Maybe you’ll see a ghost of a former prisoner or get locked in a cell?

Las Vegas

Sin City, as its know has cleared its act up in that last few years. Yes, anywhere they allow adults to drink alcohol on the streets, can get a little rowdy at times. But you will find a heavy police presence patrolling the strip. The off-season is a great time to visit Vegas, as it’s cheaper, cooler and more family orientated. There are lots of things suitable for families. Try the sea centre at Mandalay Bay, where you can pet the stingrays. There is also the fun fair at Circus Circus which is great fun for kids and adults alike.

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As there are so many hotels, choosing one can be a bit difficult. Refer to a guide like this one, which will help you make the right choice for you needs. No matter where you stay don’t forget to visit the other hotels on the strip as many of them are casinos, food courts, theme parks all rolled into one!


A classic American trip. What child of any age would not want to visit Mikey on his home turf? Whether you spend you whole holiday there or just a few days. The essence of getting the most of your trip is to plan it well.

You have a choice between Florida and California. If you are aiming for a longer stay, why not try Florida? There you can visit Universal Studios and two other parks as well as the main Disney attractions. If you would like to mix up disney and other attraction like these, try the California park.

A great tip here is to check out the maps before hand. Plan your route and the attractions you’ll want visit. Try buying a fast pass to skip the queues. If you are not staying at the park, the cost of refreshments and activities can add up, so check out this guide, to help you save some dollars.

A really good way of meeting your favourite characters as Disney is to go to a character breakfast. Included in the price is your meal and you’ll get some dedicated time to meet Mickey, Minnie or your favourite princess. It’s a great opportunity to get a precious one on one photo that you can treasure forever.

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Don’t forget to make use of the end of day parade either. With fantastic costumes, fabulous floats and clap along music, the Disney parade is a real experience. It’s all rounded off with an impressive firework show too. Don’t miss it!