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Traveling and backpacking can be an unforgettable experience. But it’s important to make sure that it’s not unforgettable for the wrong reasons! If you fail to follow a country’s customs and etiquette, you could end up embarrassing the locals and other travelers. Not only this, but you can also embarrass yourself. The worst case scenario could see you being escorted out of famous sights or areas of religious significance. Want to make sure your behavior doesn’t offend? Here are five top etiquette tips to help you on your way.


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Check Before You Leave

Make sure you are clued up on your destination. Each country will have their very own customs and, especially the further east you travel, you will be expected to follow them. Muslim countries will be very strict in enforcing their etiquette systems. If you fail to follow them, you could end up in big trouble. An example of this is Dubai. You will be expected to dress modestly and not to make any public displays of affection.

Don’t Drink Too Much

When we are on holiday, we often want to relax and have fun. Drinking alcohol is often a part of this. However, it is important not to get too carried away. Show restraint and drink in moderation. If you take things too far and get very drunk, you could end up loud and abusive. This isn’t a good look in any country!

Table Manners

No matter our nationality, we can all agree on one thing – table manners are very important. Be courteous to the restaurant staff and refrain from any rude or obnoxious behaviour. If there is a few of you dining together, remember restaurant etiquette for large groups of people. Tipping can be tricky when abroad as many countries do it differently. Do your research before you hit the airport so you’re not tripped up by tipping!

Be A Considerate Traveler

Of course, good travel etiquette begins in your home country before you board the plane. Not everyone enjoys flying, and the whole journey can be made a lot worse by one inconsiderate traveler. Make sure you’re not that one passenger who everyone complains about! Be aware of other people’s’ space and only store your hand luggage in the space under your own seat. Don’t spread out and squash someone in their seat. One big bugbear of many passengers is sitting next to someone listening to loud music. So turn your iPod down!

Help Everyone Get A Peaceful Night

Whether you’re staying in a fancy hotel or a budget hostel, it’s important to turn down any music at night. Loud noise can spoil anyone’s holiday, especially when it stops you getting a good night’s sleep. So always think about the other hotel guests and keep noise to a minimum. This includes slamming doors and chatting loudly on the phone. If you’re not sure whether you’re too loud ask yourself this question: if you heard this from the room next door, would you be annoyed?

Stick to these tips for a happy and comfortable holiday!

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