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Five Hidden Gem Adventures of New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand is a land of awe-inspiring beauty where you’ll no doubt be taken aback by its landscapes, mountains, fjords, and other majestic natural wonders. It’s a backpacker’s haven and one of the most happening destinations for road trips. The country’s popularity, however, can mean that some of the most spectacular sights are overrun with visitors during peak times of the year. Luckily, there are plenty of hidden gems for all types of travelers to visit, especially on New Zealand’s North Island. Take a look at our list of these lesser known spots that are still equally as exciting and breathtaking as the rest of the country.


  1. Mokoia Island. Mokoia Island lies in the center of the Lake Rotorua and taking a visit there will give you the nature experience of a lifetime. You can take part in the famous bush walks of the wild, go bird watching, dive down into Hinemoa’s Pool, or go wild with delicious local food tastings. The island is so gorgeous that you’ll want to take as many photos as possible without wasting a minute. So make sure to remember your camera!
  2. Cape Reinga. Cape Reinga is the spot where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean, which makes it a North Island jewel. With the area’s stunning swirls of waves and old folklore, you’re guaranteed an amazing cultural experience. You can’t miss the 800 years old pohutukawa trees, 90 miles long beach, and the strong Maori culture that breathes throughout the air. You’ll also be able to relax on the scenic beauty of the cape that makes you relive this beautiful environment.
  3. Cathedral Cove. This is situated close to Hahei shoreline on the Coromandel Peninsula. It can be reached by a kayak, vessel, or just by walking. The Cathedral Cove marine hold is copious with marine life and coral reef. In short, it’s a picture perfect location and you simply cannot miss out on this inlet!
  4. Aorangi Forest. You must have seen it in the Lord of the Rings, as it includes some of New Zealand’s most striking landforms and terrific views that can be appreciated after a short walk. The earth columns shaped by the erosive powers of flood and rain are look way more fantastic than it may sound. The inclining rock arrangement Kupe’s Sail is worth a look, and the Putangirua Pinnacles and beachfront Whatarangi Bluff all make it a wonderful destination to spend some quality time at.
  5. Hokianga Harbour. The Hokianga Harbour is a port that holds the reminiscences of both European and Maori cultures. Its full name is Hokianga-nui-a-Kupe, which means return of the Kupe (the Polynesian explorer). You can unwind on the sandy shorelines or even have a go at sand duning! It’s sparsely populated and has numerous little groups of houses in an exceptionally provincial setting. In plain words, it’s an excellent place to sit and relax.

Let us know how you feel about our collection of the New Zealand North Island tours. We hope you like all of them and end up visiting them on your visit!